Thursday, 1 September 2011

More 'foot in the mouth' from 'Rent-A-Gob' Cameron

At the 'Summit on the Future of Libya' , Politics Home reports:
"The Prime Minister said the summit on the future of Libya had drawn up three aims: to remain in the country "for as long as we are needed", to investigate and bring to justice those who have committed crimes against the Libyan people, and to create a Libyan-led democracy. he also said that the Libyan people had "taken their country back", saying it was the Libyan people who had liberated Libya...."

I have only three comments on that statement, ones that encapsulate one question and two requests:

You are no longer needed in the UK, so when are you leaving.........?

Viz-a-viz the United Kingdom, can we bring to justice those we consider have committed crimes against the British people and create a British-led democracy?

Oh and when the British people do liberate their country, might I suggest you and your cohorts emigrate? That is, if you value your lives..........

Just asking one who is an apology for a politician, one who assures us he believes in democracy, one who is no better than a 'Little Hitler'?


Ian said...

Instant justice required for ALL those involved in the Lockerbie massacre.

kenomeat said...

Who is more worthy of swift and terrible punishment - Brown and co for their treachery over Lisbon, the deliberate open door immigration policy, dumbing down of education, etc, or Cameron, of whom we hoped for so much but who has done absolutely nothing to repair the damage? I would suggest Cameron as we didn't expect anything better from the socialists.
I hear Canada has got a sensible government now that actually looks after the interests of their citizens. Any chance we can import their prime minister?

Michael Fowke said...

What the hell has Libya got to do with Cameron anyway? He should be concentrating on domestic problems - we've got enough of them, after all.

Anonymous said...

kenomeat - they're ALL going to get what's coming to them - including the parasite class sitting on their plump arses in town halls AND their diversity coordinators. If I was an MP, politician or council boss I'd be very very afraid...

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Ian: That goes on the list, but comes after retibution to our polies.

k: Being a gentleman, I leave it up to them to decide who wishes to go first.........if necessary with the aid of a bayonet on the end of a rifle.

MF: How true!

Anon: God willing.......!