Thursday, 23 February 2012

Just why do we elect these idiots?

The latest findings from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows, according to the BBC, that where immigration is concerned:
" increase from 235,000 in June 2010 but a fall from 255,000 in September 2010."
and that net migration to Britain remained steady at 250,000.

I find it incongruous that Damien Green can herald these figures as a decrease - likewise I find it incongruous for Chris Bryant to criticise the present government for failing to live up to the pledge to cut immigration, especially when one remembers it was Bryant's party that caused the problem in the first place - and for possible electoral gain. I am sure we all recall Andrew Neather

I find it totally unacceptable for politicians to, in effect, lie to the public about immigration, or any other matter. What is under discussion here is the inward immigration from outside the United Kingdom, which the government is trying to control whilst having no control of those immigrants coming from Member States of the EU - yet the impression given by our politicians is they are attempting to control immigration per se - and for the purposes of political point scoring opposition MPs allow that misconception to continue.

That MPs lie to their constituents is well known and is a deficit in our democratic system. Whilst on the subject of deficits in our democratic system, allow me to mention two others in passing. My constituency MP also happens to be our Prime Minister (a fact which may already be known), however my MP cannot rise in Parliament and highlight the plight of one of his constituents - neither can a Secretary of State or Minister. That is equality where parliamentary representation is concerned? (And please don't even mention that 'other routes' may be available to my MP or those of any others that hold ministerial responsibility). How many readers have a district councillor who also happens to be a county councillor? To take Witney as an example, the county council of Oxfordshire are hell bent on the imposition of a 'relief road', roads being their 'competence' (one which began with a costing of £12million but has now escalated to a cost of £20million), yet a growing number of residents in Witney are against this 'relief road'. What is the point in them lobbying their district councillor when that same person is also a member of the county council and has voted for that road to go ahead? Conflict of interest?

Anyway, returning to the original topic of this post, I am drawn to a post from Up Pompeii highlighting the percentage of births in this country where one, or both, parents is foreign born. And society in our country, its traditions and customs, is not being socially engineered? When the events portrayed in two books mentioned in my sidebar, namely "The Horse at the Gates" and "Invasion", come to pass - as they surely will if current policies are continued - it will be too late for our political elite to recall the old adage: as you sow, so shall you reap.

If only I were able to repeat the attempt by Guy Fawkes - but this time with a successful result!


john in cheshire said...

When we are killing 200,000 English babies and having them replaced by immigrants. That is truly obscene. If we had not permitted so many abortions over the past 20 years, we would have no need of the unwanted foreign interlopers. Particularly all the ungodly muslims who are infesting our country.

Antisthenes said...

The high numbers of immigrants is a symptom of our times. Western societies are in the twilight of their existence and like many societies before them having reached the same stage in their cycle of rise and fall experienced similar phenomena. History teaches us that resistance and reversal has rarely ever been successful I doubt that it will be any different now.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: fair comment.

A: Maybe so, but do you mind if a few of try to buck the trend?