Tuesday, 14 February 2012

As I read I wonder.......

..... just what the hell we get for our £165million?

From the print edition of the Daily Telegraph today, 14th February, the following headlines can be read:

"Britain being taken over by militant secularists."
"Brussels threatens pensions and jobs."
"22 hour curfew for Qatada as he is freed."
"No10 powerless in college tsar row."
"Britain in slow lane of global recovery."
"Quango bonuses are fair,says union."
"Elderly care is the great scandal of our society....."
"Public should be charged for freedom of information requests."
"Breast cancer too costly for the NHS."
"Hospital trust counts the cost of translators."
"£1million fund to end blight of binge drinking."
"Women should get time out of jail to see their children, judge rules."
"End of the line for rail firms making millions from weekend buses."
"Hague rules out Syria role for British troops."

There is not one item there that will not involve, in one form or another, the government using our money for finance either now or at some time in the future. I repeat a question from an earlier post, namely where was the element of 'referism'? Where have the people been involved in the decision making for any of the above? Where are examples of any MP returning to his constituents and asking them how they would wish he should vote on each issue? Where, for example, is there any instance of the government asking the people if they are prepared to fund an attempt to end binge-drinking?

If politicians elected to govern, so obviously cannot or will not, why are we paying them £165million per annum? If politicians are able to spend our money, without any recourse to us, why are we paying them £165 million per annum? If politicians, elected to represent their constituents, ignore those constituents and vote according to their principles and views and/or who ignore their constituents by dutifully following the party line, why are we paying them £165million per annum? If politicians obfuscate, lie to us, fail to tell us the truth, trick us, swindle us, and have the morals of a sewer rat, why are we paying them £165million per annum?

The sooner those 'sick' within our society are 'hospitalized', the sooner our country will return to good health.

Just saying................

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TomTom said...

They are puppets dancing on a volcano. Look at the Spiegel Report on soup kitchens in Greece and think how quickly the middle class here can become pauperised and treated like old bags to be kicked.

It doesn't take much now for houses, pensions to disappear - this is Year 5 of The Great Depression MkIII - just in case you are not an Economic Historian there was a really big one 1873-1896