Wednesday, 29 February 2012

When will our politicians 'grow a pair'?

Today in the House of Commons an emergency debate was held, at the request of the well-known 'eurosceptic' Bill Cash, on the Treaty on Stability, Co-ordination and Governance - on which the Hansard report can be read here

In his opening remarks, Bill Cash:
"The debate is about the rule of law: not only the rule of law as it affects the United Kingdom but, inevitably, the rule of law in Europe as a whole. The Prime Minister, to his great credit, rightly exercised the veto to protect UK interests....."
For the last time, there was not a 'Treaty' on the table so how could Cameron have exercised a veto? Sheesh!

John Baron (Con - Basildon & Billericay) asks:
"Does he share my concern that with democracy having been suspended, in effect, in two countries, with a deepening democratic deficit........"
Has not democracy been suspended in 27 nations, not just two? Has not democracy been suspended in the UK - with the compliance of our 'representatives'? Sheesh!

"Give a dog a bone" - we then find that Peter of that ilk repeats the fallacy that the Prime Minister vetoed a treaty. Perhaps Mrs. Bone might have a word with her spokesman?

We are continually informed that the UK should 'protect its interests' in its membership of the European Union, yet if as Mark Reckless informs us our influence is limited, one has to ask what is the point of our membership?

Robert Buckland is of the opinion that where debates on matters EU are concerned both the HoC and the HoL need to 'raise their game' in both debates and scrutiny. He appears not to recognise that until MPs raise their game to the point of saying 'Out', they can debate and scrutinise all they like - it will change nothing.

With Richard Drax, another Conservative who is unable to make up his mind about EU integration, admitting that we do not want out, we obviously have another Cameroon puppet and Buckland agreeing makes two!

That Robert Buckland, in an intervention to Anne Main, states that all MPs are patriots - or should be - hits a nail squarely on the head where matters EU are concerned!

In his summation David Lidington states that scrutiny and criticism is important but one has to ask: what is the point of scrutiny and criticism of something which you cannot change; which begs the question is not the existence of the European Scrutiny Committee and that the House of Commons thus unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer's money? Lidington continues to maintain that decisions taken by governments, in particular Greece, have to be enacted by democratically elected parliaments, but are not decisions taken by democratically elected parliaments, against the wishes of the people, no more than those of democratised dictators - in which case where is 'democracy'?

If anything demonstrates the ineffectiveness of our Parliament and the MPs therein, it is that three hours were spent discussing an EU matter on which we have no influence and can effect no change. And Parliament is sovereign? And we are, as political leaders maintain, a self-governing country? Sheesh!


Anonymous said...

Yes, all the Tories, even supposedly 'Eurosceptic' Tories are repeating the 'cameron vetoed the treaty' lie.

I presume they are following the tell a lie often enough and people will start to think it true, playbook.

DeeDee99 said...

MPs have been trying to square the circle of EU membership v Sovereignty, Independence and Democracy for decades.

They are tying themselves up in knots over the issue because they are either afraid or incapable of admitting that the two are not compatible. You are either in the EU OR you are a Sovereign, Independent and Democratic country. You can't be both.

PeterCharles said...

We must not forget we are dealing with politicians here, when David Lidington states that scrutiny and criticism is important he doesn't mean they should do so in order to reject anything, he means they should do so so that they can ADD to it so it complies with the British desire to make things as burdensome, regulatory and proscriptive as possible. Don't listen to what they say, watch what they do!

Anonymous said...

When will our politicians 'grow a pair'?

A pair is not necessary. Just one mind that is informed, is required.

As Dr North points out, we do not have a democracy but a mediocracy.

WfW: The captha script is difficult to read. An easier but just as effective option from Captcha, is to put a symbol in a box.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DD99: I know and it is pitiful to watch - unfortunately it is us who suffer!

Anon: Yup, that is "the Plan"!

PC: I know I was stating the obvious, but...... agreed!

DP111: Just don't ask me to start chaging how blogger works......

I know my limitations!