Saturday, 25 February 2012

Yall and all is to be forgiven?

A letter appeared in the Guardian from Adrian Yalland on the 'hard life' that MPs have and in which he mentions L'Affair Joyce. It should first be mentioned that Adrian Yalland is Vice-President of Chelgate, is also an Approved Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservative Party - and a lobbyist. The content and tone of the letter are that which one would expect from a 'wannabe' politician who is also a lobbyist.

"The way they are forced to live is fundamentally inhumane" What????? "They work ridiculous hours....with no job security and a not particularly good salary. The worse thing is the constant misrepresentation they endure." What???? "The vast majority of MPs I know, across all parties, are motivated by a commitment to making this country better. Very few go into politics for an easy life or to get rich." What????

Perhaps Yalland would care to show exactly who has forced them to live a life he claims is fundamentally inhumane. Perhaps Yalland can refute the argument that anyone earning approximately three times the average salary must surely be well-paid indeed - and as for job security, since when did anyone on a fixed, short-term placement have job security? Perhaps Yalland would agree that if MPs, across all parties, are motiviated by a commitment to making this country better, then they have been accepting public money under false pretences. Perhaps Yalland would like to reconsider his assertion that few go into politics for any easy life and to get rich. Perhaps Yalland has not looked at the Register of Members Interests lately? Perhaps Yalland can answer how David Miliband can earn £70,000 for just three days work when it is highly doubtful that Miliband would command such fees had he not been a politician who had held Cabinet rank?

Perhaps Yalland has yet to learn about that political requirement of being transparent? Perhaps it would have put his letter in better context had he mentioned his background and present job?

Just saying...................


Anonymous said...

Has any MP ever left Parliament worse off than when they first entered it?

Has anybody ever left parlament as white and pure as the driven snow?

This Yalland geezer is aving a larf!!

Hamid said...

Mr. Yelland is obviously excellent MP material, and no one can be surprised that he is on the Tory approved list. His skill as a PR man is clear for all to see and one must assume that he will go far in the HoC for which it would not be too much to say that he will be "a natural".
My sympathies for MPs, like nearly everyone else, is non existant. Last year's exposure of almost the entire HoC as a den of uncaring theives was an experience which will not be forgotten. And still they fall over each other to get elected, not by the voter but by the party cabals. Once in place it is rare to be thrown out, most having a job for life, being totally insulated by the system from the people who mindlessly vote for them.

cosmic said...

What's Chelgate? It sounds like another scandal.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: I suppose not - not unless your name happens to be Devine etc.

H: Agreed

c: *ahem*: click on Chalgate???? Its a lobby firm!