Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Deeply Worrying

Back in January this year I posted about interference in our education system (at least that is what the politicians call it - an education system) and wondered whether parents were aware of this. Today, courtesy of The Albion Alliance Presents, comes notice of another insidious intrusion into the welfare of children, an intrusion of which I was not aware and one that makes me wonder whether parents of children are.

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) produces what is termed a S'cool agenda for young people and which advises that the 2011 Agenda does not only help young people to keep track of their daily activities and homework, but is also intended to raise awareness on fundamental rights issues in Europe. The FRA S'Cool Agenda provides useful information on topics like racism, xenophobia, discrimination and homophobia as well as a calendar of commemorative days and a number of other features. From the 2011 Agenda it is also learnt that S’cool Agenda is published by the FRA for teenagers between 12 and 18 years old. The purpose of the  S’cool Agenda is to raise awareness about fundamental rights. Every year, limited numbers of the S’cool Agenda are printed and distributed across the EU for free.

I may be old fashioned but I always assumed that children went to school to gain an education - to be taught the correct use of their language, to read and hopefully develop a love of great literature, to learn about the history of their country and its evolution, to acquire a basic grasp of mathematics, etc etc. Do read S'cool Agenda and then ask yourself this question:

If our politicians are so hell bent on preventing the 'grooming' of children for sexual practices, how in the name of damnation do our politicians allow the 'grooming' of young minds for political purposes?

Just asking.......................


Anonymous said...

"How in the name of damnation do our politicians allow the 'grooming' of young minds for political purposes?"

Never mind "allow" it - they appear to encourage it: &

"UKYP gives the young people of the UK a powerful voice which is heard and listened to by local and national government"

That's a joke - us "grown ups" can't get any sense from government, what chance do youngsters have?

The Gray Monk said...

The only thing that can be said for any "Comprehensive" School is that it is usually a Comprehensive Failure for more than 50% of those forced to attend them.

Why else would our political elite and the senior civil service, take great care to have their children attend Public Schools and the remaining Grammars?

Ian Hills said...

See article 52 of the charter of fundamental rights. It permits the suspension of any of the listed rights on any pretext. They can now kill you and get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Morning WfW... Completely off topic... Or maybe not. Anyway, the following drivel/ramble is in two parts, it goes on for so long, that I have exceeded the limitations of “Blogger’s” patience.

I reckon that the most interesting periods in history are those where government has less control of the people. So the so-called "mediaeval dark age", the renaissance, the enlightenment were periods where the PTB were either incapable of control, or were themselves in turmoil, at war with each other. The enlightenment seems to be slightly different, in that creatives were given freedom to create and were often sponsored by kings, churches and governments, the “enlightenment” of the controllers, along with the creatives.

Once control is established, creative thinking dies… So, as an example the minute that Islam gained the upper hand in the middle-east, all the art and the creative aspect of math died there. I recently watched a programme on the contraption, where an Imam was answering the interviewer, who had asked him where he thought that the Arab world had gone wrong and dropped out. He replied that only by studying the Koran, would coming generations be able to again lead the world in creativity. There has been no indication that this will happen during the last 700 years, so why should it be in the future.

Another example would be the twentieth century in the west, the first half was full of challenging music, art and literature (and war), but as soon as the socialist state established control, country by country, creativity died. During the first period the PTB were at war, during the second period, once "peace" was established, opportunities for free thought have become a minority sport. The EU is the mechanism being used, like the Koran, to groom and control the emerging generations on how to think, what to say, and in what sort of language.

This is only a developing thought process in my tiny brain, but it would seem that there is more to being right-wing than the favouring of conservatism and liberty, it is also the recognition that creative right-brained people need to be free to be uneducated, to look around themselves (and see) and arrive at lightbulb moments on their own.

Control freaks are scared to death of liberty, the EU is an example of control freakery at its finest. The second half of the twentieth and the first part of the twenty-first century look like being triumphant for the left brained amongst us, the triumph of digital over analogue.


Anonymous said...

drone continued…

I have just completed some left brain vs right brain internet tests, and the indications are that I am (ever so slightly) right-brained, in other words, don’t expect anything particularly creative from here, but don’t expect me to be opposed to (or perhaps envious of) those that can create, or be interested or engaged in suppressing free thought.

As “The Gray Monk” above suggests, the political elites want their kids to be free to learn how to think freely, whilst simultaneously controlling every aspect “from cradle to grave” of the lives of the great unwashed. The Public/Grammar schools lay the history in front of the young mind and invite one to make of it what one will, the concentration on history, arts and “dead languages”, is not accidental... Neither is the Comprehensive grooming of the rest of us, with certificates, exams, and the concentration on social sciences, meeja and business studies.

If what the Gray Monk suggests is true, and I reckon it is, it is even more damning of the PTB, because they know the truth and are deliberately suppressing it and denying opportunity to the rest of us.

The internet is the first medium since the telephone and printing presses that encourages the spread of ideas, unlike television, newspapers and radio etc. which feed us with “their” ideas and products. Perhaps this is why, the most controlling blocs/nations are devoting an increasing part of their endeavour seeking to suppress or monitor/control it. As you hint above WfW, they hope we won’t notice that they are ab/using the excuse that rooting out the occasional freak that wants to gain sexual power over children in order to abuse them, whilst simultaneously engaging in the very same behaviour to gain the power to suppress free thought and creativity everywhere else.

Free thought is both an invitation to the freakish, violent and sexually deviant types as it is to the genuinely creative. As my wife has asked (rhetorically), why do schizophrenics always claim that “the voices” made them murder instead of doing the washing up.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: 'Allow' in this context meant 'promote'........

TGM: Re last para - exactly!

IH: I know!

r_w: You have the accolade (so far) of the longest comment I have ever had.....

Not off topic at all - a most interesting theory and one well worth further development.