Friday, 24 February 2012

Westminster? Nope, Brussels.

John Bercow has a 'big-up' piece on Politics Home, authored by Paul Waugh and Sam MacRory, in which  he maintains that "the House (of Commons) is the cockpit of our democracy."

It would appear to have escaped Bercow's notice that the one thing we are short of in this country is democracy - and if one were to concede that we did possess democracy (purely for the sake of argument) - the cockpit most certainly is not in Westminster as, with the consent of those in Westminster, it has been moved to Brussels.

Just saying...........


PeterCharles said...

As I saw quoted in another place, although it was regarding the USA it applies just as correctly here: "... we have all the trappings of democracy, but none of the reality."

D-Rex said...

Democracyleft this country many, many years ago and PeterCharles comment above is spot on.