Wednesday, 29 February 2012

EU Imperialism?

Open Europe, in today's press summary, reports that EU foreign ministers voted on Monday to transfer the presidency of the Union for the Mediterranean from France to the EU’s External Action Service headed by Catherine Ashton - of which not one word in the MSM have I found, but I digress. This think tank also produces a 'briefing paper' on the subject of EU aid to Mediterranean states and the effectiveness of this aid. What is surprising is that Open Europe makes no mention of the Barcelona Declaration, a subject about which I wrote previously here and here. For those readers interested more on the Barcelona Declaration, more information can be read on the EU's Summaries of Legislation website. It is also pertinent to refer to the European External Action Service website from which we learn that with the introduction of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) in 2004, the Barcelona Process essentially became the multilateral forum of dialogue and cooperation between the EU and its Mediterranean partners while complementary bilateral relations are managed mainly under the ENP and through Association Agreements signed with each partner country.

What is interesting are two extracts from Open Europe's briefing paper:
"the poverty focus of EU aid cannot be measured solely on the basis of its geographical distribution…the EU institutions provide substantial financial support (including ODA) to prepare (potential) candidate countries for membership and to establish an area of stability, prosperity and democracy in our wider neighbourhood, pursuing our goal of greater political cooperation and deeper economic integration with our neighbours."
"Our neighbourhood policy is a success story. We work closely with our partners to help them advance their structural reforms and bring them closer to our Union."
Note the phrases "deeper economic integration" and "bring them closer to our Union". What we have here is no more than the now normal process, one practised by the EU to increase its size and therefore its empirical aims - it is also, I would suggest, part of the process, commonly known as the New World Order and/or World Government; a process about which the people know little, if anything.

That 'agreements' can be signed that will have an effect on the future direction of our country; that since 1995, the European Commission has supported the Barcelona Process with the provision of €16 billion from the Community Budget and that loans from the European Investment Bank amount to approximately €2 billion per year, all without the agreement of the people who are funding this, amounts to an affront to democracy - but hey, when was the EU ever interested in the idea of democracy. That our MSM do not report any aspect of the foregoing, for whatever reason, is another affront to democracy. That a think tank, albeit one a mouthpiece of the Conservative Party, seems incapable of mentioning any diminuation of democracy is another affront.

That we have 650 'Judas Goats' in Westminster is no longer deniable, consequently if our nation is to recover its independence and sovereignty; if we the people are to have any freedom; we have a desperate need to herd these 650 to the slaughterhouse immediately - followed by their lambs in Open Europe and elsewhere!

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