Monday, 27 February 2012

And politicians are not careerists? And we do not live under a democratised dictatorship?

Tim Montgomerie, Conservative Home, has a post about reformation of the |House of Lords and Mark Harper, Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform.
"......He was chosen to be the number two to Nick Clegg because of three qualities: personability, conservative credentials and ambition. Downing Street needed a “nice Tory” to work alongside the Deputy PM, someone that Clegg would like and trust. Harper, who backed Liam Fox for the Tory leadership in 2005, was thought to be right-wing enough to ensure the Conservative backbenches felt they had "one of theirs" holding this controversial portfolio. But Downing Street’s bigger observation was that Harper is also very ambitious. Number 10 calculated that Mark Harper’s eye to the future would ensure he didn’t rock the boat in a very sensitive brief. He hasn’t. Many ministers are loyal 90% of the time but over a drink or two they’ll share their doubts about some or other aspect of Project Cameron. Harper appears to be loyal just about 100% of the time....."
 Notice that word 'ambition', notice that phrase 'one of theirs'? Notice that No10 thought Harper's 'eye to the future' would ensure he didn't 'rock the boat'? And the political elite care about those they are meant to serve and that personal advancement is far from their thoughts? Such is the disdain with which our politicians are viewed that I believe it undeniable to suggest that even the not-so 'priti' MP for Witham would insert her patel(la) amongst a few 'Eds' if it meant she could climb the political ladder.

And where is the public's view in all this? So apparently 60% of the public believe that those who make the laws should be elected? And the question put on this subject, was? And the number of responses received, was? And of course those responding knew all that was to be known because it had all been explained to them in order they could provide a reasoned reply? We all know that questions on surveys are phrased in such a manner that they will provide the response wanted. Digressing slightly, on attempting to find out the question asked and accessing the British Social Activities website I find it is necessary to register. Why? Are they not providing information that should be accessible to the public free of restrictions? (Yes, yes, I know why registration is required - but why the hell should it be a requirement in order for a member of the public to receive what is public information?)

Note also the last paragraph of Montgomerie's article when he writes that Harper hopes changes to the Lords will be accomplished harmoniously - but that, make no mistake, an elected HoL will happen. Democratised dictatorship?

It is indeed sad that all the foregoing will escape the attention of the public who are more concerned about events Coronation Street/EastEnders/BigBrother/Facebook - and now can't wait for the Sun to appear every Sunday..........

Just saying.............................

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