Monday, 6 February 2012


Chris Heaton-Harris has just posted on twitter:
 "@chhcalling: I see "Top Totty" has been replaced by "Kangaroo Court" in Strangers. How appropriate!"
to which I responded:
"Sponsored by your party, presumably."
The term "Kargaroo Court" is used by a man who is the member of a political party, one of three, that refuses to let the people decide whether they wish to be governed from abroad; this is the man who, having written to the Prime Minister and calling for a reduction in the public subsidy for one form of renewable energy carries an advertisement on his website promoting the grant for another; this is the man who has voted strongly for more EU integration, yet is supposedly a eurosceptic according to his friends in the MSM.

Heaton-Harris is obviously a man who is more than content with our system of 'representative democracy' - aka democratised dictatorship. Heaton-Harris is a prime example of the people electing what they thought would be their representative in Parliament but who turns out to be, as with most of the other 649, no more than a self-serving, self-promoting, willing tool of his political party leader - who, in turn, is no more than the same self-serving, self-promoting, willing tool of Brussels!

Now, where did I put my sick-bag?


Anonymous said...

"Willing tool" read useful idiot - yup WfW, what a 'tool' he certainly is.

livescore said...
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WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: Yup, agree with that.

sbo said...

nice topic thank you and thumb up !