Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Reducing Costs

Having been out most of the day it had been my intention, on returning home, to write about Cameron entering the alcohol debate, however Richard North, EU Referendum, The Boiling Frog and The Talking Clock have covered this topic exceedingly well, Richard North linking to the latter two blogs. I note from the Daily Telegraph that Cameron will attack the “scandal of our society” caused by Britain’s drinking culture which costs the NHS more than £2.7 billion annually - or so it is said.

As an aside to all that has been written, perhaps Cameron might also consider attacking an even bigger "scandal of our society", wherein the taxpayer is being stung £165million to fund a group in our society who obviously have no understanding of the meaning of the word 'representative'.  £165million may seem peanuts when compared to £2.7billion, but bear in mind that when considering the costs of idiotic and ill-informed decisions our politicians have taken over the years, the actual cost to the taxpayer probably cannot be computed!

Just saying.....................

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TomTom said...

It is a good job alcohol is so lightly taxed in the UK. The production cost of a bottle of whisky is c. £5 but try and tell HMRC that