Wednesday, 15 February 2012

But, Mr. Hannan, is not that.......

......something that the peoples of a nation state should decide?

That 'something' appears in his Daily Telegraph blog where Hannan writes:
"As late as the first Bush presidency, most American opinion-formers, including most conservatives, vaguely favoured the idea of a united Europe...."
a philosophy which was also prevalent in the UK. Ah, you may say, we were asked - and so we were. Unfortunately, where the people of the United Kingdom were concerned, the ramifications of an affirmative response were never fully explained, the campaign was rigged and the Prime Minister at the time blatantly lied - but hey, that is politicians for you.

Hannan continues in his article to state that Britain is a common law democracy and he is wrong on both points. What common law we had has been steadily eroded by the political elite - and continues to be - and neither do we have a democracy, per se. That, in effect, we live under a system of democratised dictatorship in which once every few years we are allowed to choose which party of incompetent thieves should 'rule' us is something which Hannan does not address. Oh and please don't quote 'The Plan' to me - that is no more than a way to maintain the status quo, one whereby ultimate control still rests with the political elite.

In fairness, Hannan does make one or two relevant points - unfortunately I gain the impression that Daniel Hannan talks a good fight, but when the fighting starts he is conspicuous by his absence. Richard North, EU Referendum, has referred to Hannan as 'Myrtle' - as in Myrtle, the Judas Goat - and I for one cannot disagree.


TomTom said...

This Common Law may be lovely and cosy but it is damned expensive when you need to clarify anything in Probate matters.

Anonymous said...

Hannan did an earlier blog post on the meeting of "right minded" Americans in which he included his speech.

I had to make a comment, part of which I C&P here:

"Excuse the apparent off-topic reference that follows but when I were a lad, I used to 'religiously' watch a piece of American hokum from Hollywood called "Kung Fu", I recently acquired the three series and I have been going through them. The most recent episode included a scene where Caine is talking to an Amish type, and he talks about a lizard called a chameleon... This little chap changes colour in different situations, but inside he never changes, he is still a chameleon.

Watching this speech Daniel, makes me wonder whether you perhaps emulate that animal depending on where you are and who you are surrounded by.

For the life of me, I cannot balance this speech and the attached blog with your support for David Cameron. I have been very saddened by many of the posts that you have made in the Telegraph, particularly those made since May 2010 that support your current leadership and its antics."

Goats? Chameleons?

Who can say… Who cares.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: D:)

r_w: Not off topic at all. You have encapsulated all my fears in respect of Hannan - and Carswell, and Cash and........