Friday, 3 February 2012

Huhne pays the 'Pryce'

So Huhne and Pryce have been charged by the CPS, something which has set the twittersphere ablaze with comment and condemnation. It has to be made clear at the outset that both must be considered innocent until proven guilty as it also has to be made clear that the CPS must be fairly sure of their ground when considering the amount of time that has been spent on the case.

Leaving the question of guilt or innocence to one side, the Huhne/Price matter magnifies what is a most serious problem within the system of democracy we presently have - and it is one illustrated in a tweet from Paul Waugh who states that the letter from Clegg to Huhne "hopes he can 'rapidly' clear his name and 'return to play a key role in govt as soon as possible". 

Whether Huhne is found guilty or innocent, the initial charge will 'stick' and were Huhne to escape conviction on a technicality the initial charge will 'stick' even more. Too many examples exist of politicians who have committed 'crimes' - whether proven or not, think expenses - and yet remain as MPs, subsequently being re-instated in ministerial positions or positions of importance within government or their party. 

These individuals are those who impose their laws - very often laws that dictate how we must act and the punishments should we break those laws - yet are then welcomed back by their own at a later date (witness David Laws?). It is not illogical to demand that those who profess to be able to govern must perforce be as 'white as the driven snow' - their probity must be beyond question,

Peter Hitchens, in his latest blogpost, writes about the disgraceful state of our political parties and politicians, ending: "How are we to obtain reform of the parties, and to get parties that actually care about what the people care about?". The answer must surely be that a change from representative democracy is urgently needed because, as I have repeatedly maintained, it is but a system of democratised dictatorship. The change required is one to a form of direct democracy including a dose of 'referism and on Sunday next two articles will appear on on the limitation of government and how a system of direct democracy could be enacted. It is also hoped that at the same time, or shortly thereafter, a new draft constitution will also appear.

How much longer will the public's patience hold while example after example appears demonstrating their lack of honour and principle, disregard for the public purse, disregard for the law (alleged) and disdain shown to those who pay their wages and expenses? The time has surely come whereby this corrupt system of democracy and government must be axed and a fair, transparent system put into place.

Afterthought: While pure speculation, a thought occurs and that is what is Huhne's position if he maintains his innocence and Price opts to plead guilty? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - and all that?

Afterthought (2): Presumably Huhne and Pryce will appear in the dock together? One has to wonder how that thought appeals to each of them?


Angry Exile said...

... what is Huhne's position if he maintains his innocence and Price opts to plead guilty?

I wondered exactly the same thing. He can't claim as a defence that he didn't know she'd paid the fine if he got it first and sent it back with her name on it. I think he'd be in some strife.

Woodsy42 said...

And if he is found guilty what of any other politicians who may have known the truth and may be called as witnesses but said nothing (ie aided and abetted) at the time?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

AE: See response to W42 below.

W42: I do so love a good 'Pandora's Box'!

The Boiling Frog said...

While pure speculation, a thought occurs and that is what is Huhne's position if he maintains his innocence and Price opts to plead guilty?

Mrs TBF and I have just wondered that very same thing. Pryce must know what's in the emails she wrote etc and must surely be making a judgement that a guilty plea would give her a lesser sentence as well as drop her 'ex' in it some more.

TomTom said...

Innocent until proven Guilty is an old saw with little relevance in modern English law where whole new offences have Guilty as Charged - Prove Your Innocence.

It is farcical to regard Christopher Paul-Huhne as innocent, you do not even write his real name

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: True re first paragraph

Re 2nd paragraph - there is method in my madness there.......