Thursday, 16 February 2012

Invasion via The Horse at the Gates

I have just read two works of fiction - one could almost term them faction because the building blocks of the end result that these two works foretell are currently being laid before our eyes. Both books are written by DC Alden; the first "Invasion" and the second, "The Horse at the Gates". Both books deal with the islamisation of our country, the first through outright invasion of our nation and that of Europe; and the second through the take-over of our nation through our political system. Both books are available on Amazon and for those interested DC Alden has his own website.

That there is an 'art' in writing a 'thriller' cannot be in question and DC Alden - like Tom Clancy and others of his standing - most definitely has that 'art'. Where reviewing any book, film or play is concerned, I am probably the least qualified as it is easy to criticise the end product of an ability that you do not possess yourself. My immediate question, where both books are concerned, is why the 'security services' of our nation were unaware - or appeared to be unaware - of the 'events' leading up to the endings detailed in both books, especially where the 'preparations' of the enemy are concerned.

But hey, forget my reservation - just go acquire both books as you will not be disappointed.


livescore said...
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Gristle said...

Hi WfW good call but think you meant "The Horse at the Gates"

BTW Great Blog.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

G: And so I did - thanks for correcting and I have amended post.

thanks also for your last comment.