Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Anyone disagree?

From British Freedom, the following I have 'nicked' - or in polite 'blogger-speak - I am cross-posting.
"When I offered to write something for the British Freedom website spurred on by the excellent articles I had read, and the party’s ideas which are very much in tune with my own, I suddenly wondered what I could usefully contribute. In the past I have written to politicians outlining my intense displeasure with the state education system, mass immigration and the unfolding demographic disaster exacerbated by the corrosive effects of multiculturalism, and the plight of the working class, and all to not to much purpose, I might add. However, that said, I decided to share some thoughts with readers that I suspect are in keeping with those of many other people, especially of my age, who find it almost impossible to comprehend just how ugly this country has become in the space of a few short years, because in truth, it is anger that has brought me here, and to the British Freedom Party.
‘They have no idea how much I hate them’, a colleague told me a short while ago, and even I was slightly taken aback by the venom with which he said it. The ‘they’ in question, you will not be surprised to learn, were our ‘honourable’ politicians. His anger was directed at New Labour politicians in particular, and what he saw as their complete betrayal of people of this country. But as Paul Weston has written so convincingly in his essay, ‘How to Destroy a Country’, our fate as a people had been sealed a long time ago by politicians taking decisions that had no democratic legitimacy, and done so with utter contempt for the electorate. When politicians talk of President Assad’s attack on his ‘own people’, I often wonder if these traitors ever consider the consequences of their own insidious, downright evil attack on the English people, and do they realise just how easy they have made it to hate them?

And, it is of course, the English working class who have suffered the most from the Left’s rancid ideology. It is they who have seen their communities changed beyond recognition; it is they who have seen their wages plummet and working conditions eroded; it is they who have to fight for access to decent housing and schools for their children; it is they that are being screwed into the floor by big business, such as the energy companies; and it is they who are the most likely to be victims of crime, and exposed to cultural practices that are completely alien to this land, and which politicians were content to hide in the name of ‘social cohesion’.

Tim Mongomerie of ‘Conservative Home’ has written recently of Cameron’s mistake of not recruiting ‘gritty Northern candidates’ when modernising the Conservative Party, preferring instead women and ethnic minority candidates. I do not think this was a mistake at all, but deliberate policy. It was the working class who were going to bear the brunt of the changes wrought on this country, and most likely to be resistant to them. The last thing the political class wanted was working class representatives defending their interests. Blair’s New Labour intake was indicative of this strategy of exclusion, and it was continued by Cameron. It is to their credit that patriotic working class people have organised themselves because there was, and is, no sympathy from the political class who abandoned them. Indeed, I see more guts, honour and loyalty in the EDL than I do amongst the so called ‘political elite’. When Kevin Carroll said MPs should be ‘booted into the Thames’, I was inclined to agree with him. Actually, I would like to see the majority of MPs and Lords placed into a pod and launched into outer space never to be seen again, and we could do no better than start with Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.
Peter Hitchens writing of mass immigration on his blog dated 12/11/11 states:‘The elite wish to pretend that they sympathise with us about the problem. But secretly they want to change the country for ever, and see mass immigration as the best way of doing this…One day, perhaps, those to blame for this disgrace will be punished. But I think it will by then be too late.'
Politicians are well aware of the failure of mass immigration and multiculturalism and still they do not deviate from their lunatic path. We have over a million youth unemployed, the numbers of women out of work it at its highest for twenty-three years, vast numbers of people in part-time work, and an economy that continues to stagnate, and we are asked to believe that this has nothing to do with mass immigration. And who do we have waiting in the wings to put all this right, Ed. ‘Hope over Fear’, Miliband, who stood at the heart of New Labour and announced recently, ‘we got it wrong on immigration’. It does not matter who resides in Downing Street from the Lib-Lab-Con, the great EU integration project will continue.

So, yes, it is anger that has brought me here, and it is an anger that has grown over time as I have watched and listened to deceitful, self-serving members and vicious ideologues of the political class destroy our country."
Personally, I find nothing offensive in the words written above - although, no doubt, our leftie-colleagues will - and they are words that I would suggest resonate with the majority of people in this country, whether they take an active interest in politics or not.

That we do have the means to change all this cannot be in doubt because all we have to say to our political class is: either you come with us, peacefully - or else.......

Unfortunately, methinks that at the end of the day it will take: 'or else' - which means that those who have taken a 'futures punt' on AK47s, piano wire and lamp posts are onto a 'winner'!


Anonymous said...

This piece sums up my thoughts exactly WfW - unfortunately the writer is correct, it is too late.

I believe that the wheels of civil conflict have been set in motion - I only hope that the vermin who brought about this state of affairs meet a very grisly end.

Quiet_Man said...

The thing is, being known as a member of the EDL automatically means you cannot be a member of any mainstream party, including UKIP.

The working class have been effectively disenfranchised by all major political parties, they simply do not want us and have taken steps to prevent anyone doing anything about the mess they made to the UK from ever influencing their policies.

PeterCharles said...

That is indeed a fair summary of the situation.

As I have said before, it seems clear to me that the western world has deliberately chosen the social democratic political root, even the USA although I doubt they realise it. From what I have seen of it they have even greater government control than even we do in the UK, the only difference is it is more indirect through the EPA and other agencies.

I have come to believe that they are convinced that one world government is the only path and that is the route they are taking. The national interest matters not to them, moulding the world into a social democratic nirvana is far more important than catering to the needs, lives, livelihoods and happiness of mere citizens.

Conservatism, small government, small state, small regulation, small tax is dead because it is inimical to building one world government, only the social democratic form of big government, big state, big regulation, big spending, big tax and so on can provide the degree of control necessary.

Sue said...

That's exactly how I feel.

There is not alot we can do now to get our country back to the way it was. The government can't exactly deport every foreigner that entered the country since this fiasco began. Of course, leaving the EU and relinquishing the right of EU citizens to work and live in the UK if they are not gainfully employed would be the first step.

What we should do, is get rid of the "dross". The benefit scroungers, the illegal immigrants, the foreign criminals and those that have no respect for our way of life.

In a very small way, we have ourselves to blame. If employers had not become so greedy, we should have adopted a policy whereby we offer employment to Britons first.

It's without doubt a policy I know does exist within the small business sector.

Leaving the EU and aiming to keep just "the best of the best" who will happily integrate and become English is the only way forward for our once beautiful country is done for.

TomTom said...

‘gritty Northern candidates’ does not mean "Working Class" as the article suggests and implies that somehow living outside London makes people proles.

I had never considered Philip Davies "Working Class" or "John Mann" nor Barbara Castle nor Harold Wilson

livescore said...
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Antisthenes said...

There is plenty of evidence that immigration is socially and economically beneficial. However the scale of immigration that we are currently experiencing is not immigration but an invasion. This invasion has occurred because as a society we are in weakened state because of our decline in our morals, values and standards and because we have become inept and corrupt but still retain sufficient wealth to attract others. Eventually there will be little distinction between the invaded and the invader and a more robust society will emerge. The problem is the transition between now and then as for us of the old culture it is a time of upheaval, change and decline. We are the victims of our time and place and regrettably there is nothing we can do about it except moan.

TomTom said...

has deliberately chosen the social democratic political root

No it has not; it has not chosen anything; it has been imposed because World Wars gave The State Absolute Power and it refuses to relinquish it

TomTom said...

immigration is socially and economically beneficial

I need some convincing, but then again I live in a rapidly expanding Muslim please tell me the benefits....White Women might also like to hear you assessment before they take the next taxi ride

WitteringsfromWitney said...

BJ: The wheels of conflict may well have been set in motion -lets hope some hits the accelerator pedal soon.

QM: In plain English I believe it is know as a 'stitch-up'?

PC: But have we chosen, or as TT suggests below, had it imposed on us?

Sue: We may not be able to deport every foreigner, we can certainly get rid of the criminal element at once. The others, one warning and its O U T.

TT@ Would agree with Philip Davies....

A: there is something besides moan we can do....... It is because the political elite believe that all we will do is moan is what helps them retain the power they have usurped....

TT: Immigration is not socially and economically beneficial - it has been imposed to dilute the English/British sense of nationalism.

PeterCharles said...

I agree the world wars, WW2 in particular, gave government and politicians first a taste and then an insatiable lust for power, TT, one only has to look up the number of civil servants employed, but I still maintain that the social democratic route was a deliberate choice, possibly an early example of pan-national collusion.

It was the allies under the leadership of the US that installed the German and Italian social democratic political systems post war and Britain especially went overboard implementing it here as well, with all the main parties in a consensus which is even closer today. Add to that the continuing expansion of the UN and its agencies that also date from that time and it looks very much that one world government has been the western political aim ever since and, as I said, the social democratic route is the chosen vehicle.