Monday, 27 February 2012

The 'Ugly Bug' Ball

Mary 'Hairyball', MEP, complains on her blog about the continual degradation of the female image by the Sun, the Star and the Sport. Hairy Mary states that the majority of women and a 'significant' number of men object to 'Page 3' - and just how 'significant' is the word 'significant', Mary? Like her most physical and most prominent female attribute, I can but suggest Mary H has resorted to 'navel gazing'.

Mary H writes that girls are humiliated by their peers in front of a boy they may fancy - well, Mary H, let me tell you that we boys also suffer humiliation in front of boys, although to be fair we boys tend to humiliate each other by inches rather than the 'full monty' in which girls tend to indulge. If we boys can get over it, why not you girls - after all, Mary H, you do believe in equality do you not?

There is of course the point that Mary H would not in any way be attempting to restrict how anyone should be able to earn a living? There is of course the point that if women are prepared to 'bare all' or 'partly bare all'; is that not their choice? There is of course the point that if actresses can 'bare all' on celluloid in the name of 'cinematic art', is that not all Page 3 girls are doing, in the name of photographic art?

Mary, Mary, why thou so contrary?


microdave said...

You might find this appropriate?

Please delete if not.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

md: Why delete that which is a delight to behold?