Thursday, 2 February 2012

Another sporting 'red herring' resurfaces

The BBC trumpets that: "Euro MEPs back call for sports shirts to feature EU flag" with MEPs also endorsing a plan for the EU flag to be flown at major international sporting events in Europe, but neither of the measures would be compulsory.

Bearing in mind that the Lisbon Treaty gave the European Union competence in sport the statement from their spokesperson, in this article, that: "But the commission has no authority to impose such a decision and nor would it wish to." ring a tad hollow.

Of course one would have thought by now that the BBC, with all their resources, would have done their research - but one again we see yet another failure from them. Only last July Richard North, EU Referendum, succinctly summarised the position in this post. It is worth repeating his closing sentences:
"So what was approved by Thatcher in 1985 comes back to haunt the heir to Heath in 2011, 26 years later – in a treaty he could have stopped, by chose not to. Like as not, the EU won't get its badges this time, but the idea won't go away. It will keep pushing and probing until it gets what it wants, waiting another 26 years if need be, unless we (or events) destroy it first."
They say that what goes round, comes round - we can but hope that the next time a story comes round, the BBC will have eventually got their news service staffed with those who understand the word 'research'.

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