Tuesday, 7 February 2012

We are short of monetary 'cash' - unfortunately we appear to have too much parliamentary 'cash'

Bill Cash - in case it should miss your notice, even though he does mention it - is Chairman of the House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee and he has an article on Conservative Home in which he puts forward the argument that the failure of previous governments to veto EU treaties is to blame for our troubles today. Coupled with this he also maintains that successive administrations have allowed the European juggernaut to continue.

It seems to have escaped the notice of Mr. Cash that it is the failure of those elected, who could have vetoed those EU treaties, that are to blame for our troubles today. It is the failure of those elected - that have supported successive administrations - that have allowed the European juggernaut to continue. It is the failure of those elected who, by their own admission are against the policies of their party, have given tacit support when they should have resigned their party whip, who at the earliest opportunity could have - and should have - stood as independent candidates. That they did not can only be due to the fact they put their careers above their principles and honour - what one might term: cash or honour.

Bill Cash would appear not to recognise that he and his committee can hold all the inquiries they wish - and on whatever aspects of the EU they choose - it will change not one comma on that which issues forth from Brussels, nor will it affect the intentions of Brussels, nor the intentions of those who it might be said attained the leadership of their party through dubious statements.

That our politics has sunk to the nadir it has, where it is viewed with outright cynicism, that it becomes legitimate to question whether those who maintain they are eurosceptics - Cash, Carswell, Hannan - are not in fact closet europhiles - aka 'Judas Goats'. I have to revert to a point made in the preceding post in which I asked: "What is the point of a politician who states that a situation is unacceptable - which is what May said - and then not being able to do owt about it?"


PeterCharles said...

Hear, hear.

Anonymous said...

Just supposing that we did deport the cleric, who and whose army would be able to do anything about it?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Thank you.

Anon: Other than we would be held to be in dispute with treaties which we have signed - no-one!

Anonymous said...

Bill Cash runs with the Fox and chases with the Hounds. Over the years he has made some very telling observations about the EU. Yet he lacks the integrity to join a party that will actually do something about it. His intellectual faculties are sound however he still puts career before Country. A genuine EUsceptic can glean truth from his utterances but has long ago realised that Bill Cash is no poster boy for the awkward squad!!arn

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: Agreed. He is a font of knowledge and would probably have had greater impact if his pronouncements had used simpler English. Unfortunately his legal background means he loses people in the fine detail.

TomTom said...

Just supposing that we did deport the cleric

Who wants him ? Has he upset Hollywood ? Did he run Megaupload or have web-sharing sites on his server at University ?

If the Us really wanted Hamza they would have him

cosmic said...

I thought it was a case of ECHR decisions being given more than advisory status by the HRA.

Other countries treat ECHR decisions as advisory, that is they feel free to ignore them if they wish. Generally they go along with them but they certainly wouldn't be agonising over the likes of Hamza.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

c: Problem we have is that politicians are known to lie and the MSM don't report facts or bother to point out the lies. So will we ever know?

TomTom said...

Other countries treat ECHR decisions as advisory

Other countries did not write the Convention, Maxwell-Fyfe did and that showed just how wonderful the British really were.

Most of this stuff is an Anglo-American Imposition developed by Jewish lawyers in the United States and incorporated into Judicial Training as a new religion to replace The Bible.

It is a talisman of no worth but apparently the Munificence of the New British Imperialism extends the embrace of The New State to the tired, poor, and dysfunctional of the world.