Thursday, 2 February 2012

Journalists & politicians are either stupid, or liars - or both!

It is not surprising that journalism is now ranked somewhere below estate agents and politicians on the scale of questionable behaviour and practices, when considering the article by David Millward, Transport Editor, in the Daily Telegraph yesterday.

That the article by Robert Millward and the utterances of our Secretary of State for Transport lead one to believe that either neither of them understand the subject of which they write or speak or that both have intentionally set out to mislead and lie to the public, is amply illustrated by Richard North, EU Referendum, Of the two alternatives, if one was being kind, the first would no doubt be selected; however, if one was being truthful, the second would be the only choice.

That journalism has reached such a nadir that it is highly questionable it can sink any lower cannot be in doubt. That a conspiracy exists to deny people the truth is beyond question and that where the truth is concerned we are no better than those living in North Korea.


Oldrightie said...

RT is a degree above the rest for the time being. Not least their coverage of Israeli behaviour in Palestine.
I'm no fan of Arab society and behaviour but the Israeli thugs are little better. Since the NWO is dominated by the Rothschilds and the MSM likewise, it's litle wonder we have such a tame media.sycation

PeterCharles said...

"That journalism has reached such a nadir that it is highly questionable it can sink any lower cannot be in doubt."

Was it not ever thus? I think you are maybe reacting more to the loss of reason within the conservative political class (small 'c' is intentional) now that they are all members of the New Social Democratic Conservative Party which has simply spilled over onto the MSM. There is no longer any home for the natural English majority of small 'c' conservatism, if I am not being rude pigeon-holding you as such. As always, the MSM and journalists follow the diktats of their chosen political movement, the days when the MSM were the leaders of political movements have long since gone, now they are only cheerleaders, and there are none prepared to risk taking any kind of independent line. Thus the EU always gets generally sympathetic coverage, catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is still revered, although the obvious fallacy if not deliberate falsity at its heart is at last beginning to make some cracks, UKIP is virtually air-brushed from reality and the political parties are still supported and parroted by their own sections even when it is obvious to a cretin they are deliberately lying.

Bloggers like Richard North, Mish Shedlock and John Ward take the time and effort to search out the reality behind political manoeuvrings and are as close as we can get to 'honest' reporting and I can only hope they go from strength to strength.

john in cheshire said...

Oldrightie, I'm not sure what you are saying.

Chris Edwards said...

I think oldrightie is saying he has bought in to the MSM lies about Israel and the fabricated race of the Palestinians!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Or: You may well be right.

PC: No, I am reacting to yet another example of the media not doing their job. One only has to look at RN's post on the latest government white paper about MOD procurement......?

jic: answered by CE, methinks and that of all the present media Russia Today is probably the best.

PeterCharles said...

Ah ha, WfW. There is your error! You think the media is not doing their job, the media, on the other hand have decided politically investigative journalism is no longer their job 'cause no one, or at least not enough someones, is interested. A large part of this arises, I believe, because the political class no longer has any meaningful divisions, all being variants of the the New Social Democracy who only differ in precisely how to deliver their communal policy.

In truth the only one that is required to be accurate and impartial is the BBC who flagrantly disregards that requirement. The others can do as they like and as long as the average paper reader remains fixated on celebrity, tits and sport in favour of important matters of reality nothing will change.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: No, far from it. I am well aware the media do not do their job but it is not for the reasons you state. It is because either the media are in the politician's pockets or tother way round or both. Journalists will not print owt that is critical cause the politicians would just cut off access, thus ensuring the politicians never get - or rarely get - a word written or said about them.

There is, I concede, an element of truth in your last paragraph.

PeterCharles said...

Well yes, WfW. I don't think we are in disagreement here, did I not say "... the political parties are still supported and parroted by their own sections even when it is obvious to a cretin they are deliberately lying."?

There are always many facets of complexity around this kind of question and it would make a tediously long comment to introduce them all. For me there is no real difference between 'supported and parroted' and incestuous sycophancy, I just assumed it was obvious.

On review I suppose we do have a small difference, going back to the original question. Your position seems to be that the press has grown more corrupt and sycophantic, I say they are no different (other than reflecting the general erosion of professional standards throughout British life) than previously, rather there is no longer any real mainstream political position of conservatism or socialism, they are all social democrat, for the press to align with.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Badly expressed by me (again) - "Your position seems to be that the press has grown more corrupt and sycophantic"

Shall we agree that you are right, but they appear to have grown more corrupt because I have grown more cynical....?

PeterCharles said...

Wfw. Surely not! Say it isn't so! ;-)