Monday, 2 January 2012

Promoting the European Union - and 'honoured'?

Cranmer has a post on the award of KCMG to Dr. Michael Leigh for services to the enlargement of the European Union - a post which ends with the words "Not so much cash for honours, but trash for treason.". Following on from Cranmer it is possible by scrolling down the Diplomatic Service list to see that Leigh was not the only person honoured for services to the European Union because awarded an OBE is one Paul Edward Adamson, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, E!Sharp, Brussels, for services promoting the European Union.

E!Sharp is an interesting organisation in that Wikipedia informs us it is a bi-monthly publication with a circulation of just 14,756 (Jan-June 2009). It is an organisation that has articles by Neelie Kroes, the present Digital Agenda Commissioner, Pierre Vimont, the present Executive Secretary General of the External European Action Service and other ex-employees of the EU Commission. It is obviously a source of knowledge in that prominent on the home page is a reference to EU jargon-busting, a reference that contains just 7 entries: 4 under 'A' and 3 under 'B'. The 'about us' section is equally crammed full of facts about employees etc - not. All this rather begs the question just exactly for what did Adamson receive his OBE?

Just asking.......................

Afterthought: Of course it 'mitre' be said that Cranmer (and I) are a tad late as this subject was raised three days ago by Ian Parker-Joseph


Antisthenes said...

There appears that there are a number of irrefutable facts and they are incontestable. They are:

That the EU is a good well thought out and brilliantly run institution that Stalin would be proud of.

The euro is stable and will sooner rather than later be introduced in all EU states. It is only stupid speculators, investors and rating agents that say differently and what do they know? Nothing.

That global climate change is a proven scientific fact and is bad for everyone. And those nations that do the least to make the pollution that is causing this climate change must pay and do the most to combat it regardless of the damage to their economise. Rumours of cover up and hanky panky by IPCC and other green movement funded researchers is baseless.

That current debt crisis can be solved by borrowing more and putting errant countries under administration run by non elected Prime Ministers who will administer heavy doses of austerity. The normal rules of economics in this enlightened age do not apply so the Austrian school and neoclassical economist have not got a clue. No cherry picked bits of Keynes with a few added twists and turns is the modern way.

Right there I have said it where's my knighthood?

Ian Hills said...
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Ian Hills said...

In E!Sharp's wikipedia entry, mention is made of three regular contributors - Matt Frei, David Rennie, and Phillip Stephens.

All lefties.

Aurelian said...

In modern musical notation, E sharp is the enharmonic equivalent of F.

Might there be a unconscious subversion at work in the title of the E!Sharp publication?