Thursday, 5 January 2012

Talk Constitution

Please note that the discussion board will be open for input of suggestions/ideas/comments from midday Sunday next, 8th January. It is requested that contributors pay particular attention to the 'Forum Rules' and that an adherence to 'threads' is maintained.

It is not the intention, other than the promotion of a system of democracy which combines elements of direct democracy/referism/localism, to initially set out a constitution, limitation of government and operation of government. At the head of each sub-forum will appear ideas, suggestions and comments , purely with the intention to provoke thought and debate.

It will be by a majority vote, at a date to be announced when a consensus seems to have been arrived at, which clauses are inserted into any proposed constitution, what limitations are set on government and how the operation of government will work, both nationally and locally.

To our knowledge this is the first time that you, the people, have been asked for your thoughts on whether we should be governed, or whether a right to self-government by the people should be an option on offer.

This is your opportunity to express your views and Talk Constitution looks forward to a lively debate.


Edward Spalton said...

Please put me on your correspondence list for this enterprise.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

ES: Refer preceding post:

you need to register and you will then be free to comment/suggest etc......

Anonymous said...

Hi, I thought you might like to know that the url on the graphic pointing to this (?) post is wrong. :-)

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: thanks - will check and amend.