Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pause for thought?

An email I received, as a result of yet another rant about the EU, suggested that a petition should be raised on the government website calling for the UK government to be abolished as it was completely unnecessary due to all laws coming from Europe. 

When I suggested this might not be a good idea, whilst we remain a member of the EU, as it would only hasten that which the EU wishes as the 'final solution', the reply was received that it might just result in MPs indulging in what they do best, namely self-preservation, and consequently they might just begin to do that for which we pay them.



Woodsy42 said...

Belgium didn't suffer from lack of a government. They do more harm than good.
Go for it!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

W42: Might do - needs thinking about.

TomTom said...

Belgium did have a Government - just as Gordon Brown continued in Government after no government was formed after the election in May 2010

PeterCharles said...

You are correct TT, Belgium still had a government, but it was unable to introduce new legislation which was all good unless it stopped them repealing existing law.

The bane of modern times is that politicians have come to the believe that their raison d'etre is continually make new laws or tinker with the existing ones, control freakery in other words.

Actually an e-petition calling for the abolition of government would be wrong, an e-petition calling for the abolition of the Houses of Parliament on the basis that all significant legislation comes from the EU or is in accordance with EU strategy and is almost completely nodded through both houses would be more appropriate. If it could be promoted to the MSM, both domestic and foreign, it might actually engender a real debate.

PeterCharles said...

Somewhat on topic, perhaps, I would point all to the following e-petition calling for the abolition of the TV Licence fee: (Abolish the TV licence fee by 2013). I have circulated this as widely as I can through my email list, if others agree mayhap they would do the same.

TomTom said...

but it was unable to introduce new legislation

Not domestic legislation but surely EU Regulations went automatically into force ?

PeterCharles said...

I'm not really sure TT, I suspect they didn't as I am sure I heard there were increasingly hostile complaints from Brussels that Belgium was holding things up. Don't forget as well that part of the obfuscation of most things EU is to have several years between imposition and implementation.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC & TT: First PC, I like that suggestion regarding abolition of the HoP - that I think I might submit.

PC & TT On the question Belgium and no government and EU legislation. As you kow Regulations have to be applied 'as written' and cannot be amended. Directives have to be applied and can be 'gold plated'. Either way, even if there was no 'government' per se, the 'crats would have done the necessary and the 'caretaker pm/govt would have rubber stamped it within the required time limits.