Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cameron 'governs' the UK? Does he hell!

Exhibit 1: Richard North, EU Referendum, quotes Cameron on the subject of maritime safety saying that:
".......if changes need to be made, including on the issue that the hon. Gentleman raises, of course we will make them."
Exhibit 2: European Commission - Mobility & Transport:

Maritime Safety: Commission requests the United Kingdom to comply with new safety rules and standards for passengers engaged in domestic voyages [IP/12/57]:
"If this Member State fails to inform the Commission within two months of the measures it has taken to ensure full compliance with EU law, the Commission could refer the case to the EU Court of Justice.....The United Kingdom has failed to notify the Commission of all the measures taken to enforce the new Directive although required to do so by 29 June 2011. The United Kingdom has only notified the Commission of partial measures of implementation."
Not maritime. but related:

Driving licences: Commission requests Denmark, Lithuania, the United Kingdom and Portugal to adopt measures on driving licences [IP/12/55]
"Directive 2006/126/EC updates Directive 91/439/EC on driving licences, by for example introducing new driving licence categories and a harmonised period of validity of the driving licence document.......Denmark, Lithuania, the United Kingdom and Portugal still have not fully transposed this Directive into national law, although they were required to do so by 19 January 2011."
January and June 2011? 2011??? Oops!

One wonders who will get put through the carwash and/or keelhauled? Hammond or Greening? The latter is lucky in that she is 'justin' time to qualify.

Afterthought: The two items quoted above were as a result of news from The Albion Alliance Presents - a site well worth bookmarking!


Dave H said...

Some of us still have non photo licences and see no reason to change them because to do so would cost money.

The government would have to put a bill through Parliament to specifically revoke all the old licences.

john in cheshire said...

I too have an older type of licence. And I don't propose to change it.
When there is a PM who is willing to tell the EU to eff off, then I'll begin to believe that we have collectively regained our cojones and are willing to relearn how to govern ourselves. Death to socialists.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DH: Which is what the EU are saying. The DVLA is actually implementing the directive!

jic: When you reach 70 you will have to renew your licence and you will get a card just like everyone else. If you're over 70 and haven't - Oops!

john in cheshire said...

WfW, thanks for info, haha. One of my neighbours is over 90 and still drives himself to the local shops. I'm 59 and expect to be able to drive for at least the next 10 years. After that, I'll have to see what the socialists have done to our country. If I can still possess a licence, then I'll do that otherwise, I'll use my savings to hire hitmen to exact retribution on the deserving (just kidding).

Dave H said...

MEMO/12/42 is interesting (linked from the driving licence page above)

In its monthly package of infringement decisions, the European Commission is pursuing legal action against 27 Member States for failing to comply properly with their obligations under EU law.