Monday, 30 January 2012

Cameron at Brussels - Sprouts!

Having watched SkyNews and Cameron's post conference press conference it is utterly amazing that the man is till maintaining there was a treaty on the table last December and that he vetoed it. The man is delusional, really delusional! (or just mad, plain barking mad and should be in Broadmoor)

Prior to that SkyNews showed pictures of the 'photo shoot' of EU Leaders (obligatory) and it did not escape my notice that once again Cameron was in the back row - the man obviously knows his place!

Just saying.........


Woodsy42 said...

And didn't he look embarrassed and uncomfortable in that photoshoot!
So he should of course but it's nice to see it.

TomTom said...

Cameron is lightweight and that suited Conservative Members when they elected him Leader....he does not want to play in the big league where he might get crushed so flits around garnering a bit of limelight where he can out of the shadow of the bone-crushers. He shines brightly like a firefly

graham wood said...

But I noticed that he gives the Fuerherine a peck on both cheeks (half a millisecond).
She accepts. Does that mean a signal - something deep and too subtle for me to spot?

TomTom said...

"the Fuerherine" a funny comment about a woman known to be indecisive and simply playing tactical games to retain power

WitteringsfromWitney said...

W42: Agreed.

gw: Perhaps he has a longing for saurkraut?

T: I think AM is a very clever woman who is anything but indecisive. As to playing games to stay in power, is that not what all politicians do?