Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The logic of the public sector.......

......or in this case the educational sector, ones you would have thought of all public sectors would be in possession of a brain.

Dick Puddlecote posts on a family problem he recently encountered - and I leave you to walk over to his place, something a child is considered able to do - and amuse yourself, something which that same child is not considered able to do.

If a child, aged 10, is considered able to undertake a 20 minute walk, on his own from one place to another, surely that same child must be considered able to look after himself? Apparently he needed 'looking after' - why? Did they believe he might take the opportunity to indulge in pre-marital sex, or some lesser offence such as reading a book, while waiting to see his sister perform on stage?

Where, in this decision, can it be shown to be fostering 'family values' - something trumpeted by Dav il Cam? Of course, this attitude exhibited by his daughter's school is founded on the fear that they may be subject to a court case for 'compensation' should something untoward happen to his son. But as DP asks, in a school with over 100 staff they could not find someone to 'cover their arses'?

More importantly, parents pay for this level of 'service' by way of taxation?


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