Sunday, 15 January 2012

When will they every learn?

From Dr Éoin Clarke, a Labour Party member and editor of The Green Benches:
"Some of the best pieces of the 1997 manifesto cost practically nothing. Devolution, HRA, FOIA, Minimum wage and the NI Peace agreement were arguably the 5 greatest successes of the first Labour term in power and they cost practically nothing.......Below I list 13 socialist policies that would cost the state nothing."
I can only agree, devolution and human rights did not cost the state a damn thing - but it sure cost the people something in the increased upkeep of more politicians and cost of the judicial system!

There is not one policy which Eoin Clarke proposes that would cost the state anything, but it sure would cost businesses, customers and the people in general something because of the provision of monitoring agencies/quangos etc. All these proposals are no more than an extension of the socialist/Cameron/Clegg ideology of 'enforced behaviour' and 'social engineering'!

Eoin Clarke's doctorate is unknown, but in common with all socialist who hold 'doctorates' one can only presume it is in the field of stupidity!


Anonymous said...

"Policies that will cost nothing"

Devolution for one has set in train a seris of political developments that will ultimately destroy the United Kingdom!! Surely the cost will be staggeringly enournmous. These Labour people are too stupid to appreciate how ignorant they are!!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: Which in effect is what I insinuated?

john in cheshire said...

But they're not stupid,are they?. This is part of the grand plan, in my opinion. The time horizon of these people is perhaps a century, rather than a decade of two. The plan has been in execution for at least 50 years and seems to be progressing nicely for them. And is costing us, the normal people of our nation, everything.
I don't think one has to be a member of the Communist party to be a communist, so perhaps we should preface the names of people like Mr Clarke with the adjective communist, each time they are mentioned. Until a large number ordinary, normal people in our country associate the labour and libdem parties (and these days, even the conservative party) with communism and associate communism with the evil that it is, then these people will continue to make headway with their evildoings.

Woodsy42 said...

To me his words just demonstrate the extent to which he believes the government is the country.
If it costs government nothing then to him and his ilk it costs nothing. The people, society and the economy (ie the real country)who are fleeced to produce money for and dance attendance on his government don't exist in his universe.

Bill Sticker said...

Never ascribe to malice an intent spurred by a failure to do joined up thinking. While people with doctorates are very bright, they are only usually extremely clever within a very narrow range. In any other field they can be just as wrong as anyone else, and with considerably more effort and expense.

Such people should be confined to academia and only let out on Bank Holidays.

Anonymous said...

trying to stop devolution would only enhance its popularity and cause massive dissent.
Draw pleasure from the loss of 41 Labour MPs' and Conservative rule forever.


Anonymous said...

Since the dominant degree among MPs' of all parties is PPE, one supposes that stupidity is not solely a Labour thing but encompasses all.