Saturday, 21 January 2012

A word to the wise, Janice

Janice Atkinson-Small was a member of the Conservative Party who, it will be recalled, defected to the UK Independence Party and now also writes in the Daily Mail.

It would perhaps help stay in the good books of her leader were she, when 'lifting' almost word for word parts of a speech he gave to the EU Parliament, to include a little attribution within the article?

Just suggesting............


Sean O'Hare said...

Somebody didn't read all the comments did they? :-)

Dear Doug and others, I have indeed used part of Nigel Farage's speech 'welcoming' Mr Shulz as he puts it so succinctly. I did credit Nigel but it hasn't appeared on the bottom of this blog as I do not have full editorial control. He does, however, echo my thoughts entirely and I thought it would make good reading and Nigel doesn't often get the media coverage he deserves! However, there is a serious side to my piece as this man is quite dangerous and needs to be watched.

- Janice Atkinson, Rightminds,London, 17/1/2012 19:31

wv : watoing :-)

WitteringsfromWitney said...

SO'H: I read what comments I could - however what can one say but mea culpa?

I find it rather odd though that the Mail would 'censor' that attribution?

Anonymous said...

so Nigel echo's Janice's thoughts does he? I think it might be the other way around myself