Sunday, 8 January 2012

C'mon, Mr. Redwood - you don't actually believe that, do you?

John Redwood posts on a nice meal he was given and the views of Wokingham Conservatives. The following comment has been submitted, one which is currently awaiting his moderation.
"There was general support for Andrea Leadsom MP’s call for an incoming new government after a General Election to be able to repeal EU legislation in the UK which that government does not think is good for our country. There was general agreement that we need powers back, and a new relationship that restores democratic freedoms lost through the past government’s signature on the Nice, Amsterdam and Lisbon Treaties.”
Nice statement, Mr. Redwood – but how exactly can that be accomplished? In the Lisbon Treaty are you able to point me to the clause that permits repatriation of powers? How, exactly, is it intended to get this ‘new relationship’ with the EU? Methinks that Andrea is ‘swinging the lead, some’?
Please do not submit that what is wanted can be achieved by ‘negotiation’ – we both know that that ain’t going to happen. If you believe it will, then please set out your reasoning?"
I see that David Cameron - aka Dear Leader David il Cam - granted an 'interview' with the political editor of the Telegraph, Patrick Hennessy. The picture used - together with the opening paragraph - had me searching for my sick-bag! The photograph of Cameron wearing a 'troubled frown', coupled with the Red Box being prominently featured is pure 'spin'!

We then hear that, contrary to all we have been told in the past, that Cameron and his party are not just 'eurosceptic', they are now 'moderately' eurosceptic! (I really must remember where I put the damn sick-bag! - the need is becoming more pressing!)

Afterthought: Readers will be relieved to know that by the end of the article, I found my sick-bag just in the 'Nick' of time!


TrT said...

The Government can at any time, pass any law, doing practicaly anything.

All it takes is a house majority to nuke Brussels, never mind ignore its poxy prclamations.

Whats lacking, is not legal backing, but courage.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TrT: Agreed - but in so doing it is but practising 'democratised dictatorship'. Should not the people have the right to agree to any law proposed? Should not the people decide who and what gets 'nuked'?

Never mind 'courage' etc - politicians don't have any!

Perhaps you need to get yourself over to, register and get involved?

Anonymous said...

I suspect that when the chips are down, JR will support his globalist buddies, Mr W. Look at his bio.

That he defends the fiction of repatriation when he should know that it's not technically possible, indicates strongly that he's up for a bit of obfuscation.

cosmic said...

JR's position seems to be that there should be renegotiation and that the results of that renegotiation should then be approved or rejected by a referendum. Presumably, if it were not possible to have renegotiations, that would be the result to be accepted or rejected.

He argues that he was elected as a eurosceptic MP for Wokingham and that he has consistently voted against further EU expansion as he voted no in the 1975 referendum.

Reading his articles, he certainly doesn't appear to be in the slightest bit in favour of the EU although I'm not aware of him explicitly saying that the UK should leave. He does say it should be put to a referendum.

His position is that he is a practical politician in a HoC in which most other MPs do not share his views on the EU. He does what he can. Obviously, he is a Conservative.

Make of it what you will.

I think the problem is not people like Mr. Redwood or Mr. Carswell in themselves, but the impression that they help create that the the Conservatives have any serious prospect of doing other than drifting along with the EU.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

F: Agreed, Met him once at an ASI 'do' - one of those who doesn't look you in the eye when talking to you.......

c: It is people like Redwood and Carswell who allow the Conservatives to drift along. If they had any principles they would not (a) take the Conservative whip and (b) would be a tad more vocal in their condemnation of the EU, the Cameron Party and he obvious loss of democracy!