Sunday, 8 January 2012

Politicians don't only lie about vetos.........

.......because, as Richard North, EU Referendum, posts - in the process linking to Christopher Booker's column in today's Sunday Telegraph - they lie about other matters too!

So not only are the statistics on the trade figures (follow link therein) 'skewed' but so are they where the  number of Statutory Instruments is concerned.

Of course, come a referendum, this means that any statistics quoted by the 'In' fraternity will be virtually worthless. How will the electorate be aware of that? The question is posed because, as sure as God made his proverbial little apples, our lying political class won't tell them!

Understandably perhaps, words fail me to describe the morals of the political class, a class that bestows upon itself the term "Honourable".

We are faced with a choice here, people. We either permit these ''Major' bastards to continue treating us like dirt - or we do something about it!


TomTom said...

All Government Statistics are lies, everywhere. Thatcher manipulated Unemployment Statistics 13 times; Germany does so; the US manipulated GDP figures with Greenspan's connivance; Ireland falsified its GDP figures as did Greece.

Government is predicated on Lies and Deceit.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

"Government is predicated on Lies and Deceit."

I know, I know - which is one of the reasons for the creation of talk constitution.

About time you registered, isn't it? Or have you?