Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Scared To Death

From the Introduction of the book by the same title as that of this post (Authors: Richard North and Christopher Booker):
"In the night, imagine some fear, how easy is a bush supposed to be a bear"
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act V, Scene 1
In the past twenty years, Western society in general and Britain in particular has been in the grip of a remarkable and very dangerous psychological phenomenon. Again and again since the 1980s we have seen the rise of some great fear, centered on a mysterious new threat to human health and wellbeing. As a result we are told, large numbers of people will suffer or die."
To 'dangerous and psychological phenomenon' I would add 'political news releases' (although same thing, really). It cannot have escaped the attention of those with a brain that when times get difficult for governments of all hues, suddenly there is a 'scare' or 'announcement of great concern'. Witness only today, when Cameron should have been skewered by his 'eurosceptic' backbenchers in the HoC (but wasn't - no surprise there, then!) another 'story' 'breaks', that of Fred the Shred being stripped of his knighthood. Ever noticed how, when awkward questions are asked of government, suddenly there is 'something' more important - an 'importance', the level of which is increased with the assistance of what is suppose to be an 'independent' media?

And we are not being 'thought-controlled'? We are not being 'led'? 'Newspeak' doesn't exist?

C'mon people - wise up!


PeterCharles said...

"It's now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury." Jo Moore, Labour Press Officer and special assistant to S Byers, in 2001 after images of the WTC Twin Towers struck by the hijacked planes were broadcast. She's now a teacher apparently. God knows what poison she is spreading there.

It's the way these disgusting people think, politicians, sycophants and the press that abets them. Brogan is, as you intimate, just a Cameron shill, either a true believer in the New Social Democratic Conservative Party or bought and paid for in some way, perhaps both.

As to Scared to Death, it is absolutely nothing new, it has been around as long as homo sapiens has existed, no doubt I will upset some people but, where do you think religion came from? It is only our modern media that allows and encourages these stories and fantasies to propagate.

TomTom said...

I think it actually commenced in 1969 with the Club of Rome Report telling us we were running out of oil and growth - within 4 years the Arabs had re-priced oil and destroyed Western full-employment;within another 5 years the Iranians had tightened the screw - after that it was simply open up the Credit Spigot and pretend we were rich societies because if we couldn't get cheap oil we could ensure it was paid for in worthless coin

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: You are correct in your comment, as usual! Your point on religion is very true also.

TT: That I believe is but one process within the process of controlling us - except it backfired........