Saturday, 14 January 2012

Can we learn nothing from history?

Accepting that history is no longer taught in our schools, that the European Union is invading an area to which, at present, it has no place, for those of us who were taught history we can all recall those who have attempted to create empires within the continent of Europe. Examples of this have been, to select but a few, the Romans; Napoleon, Hitler and latterly the European Union. There is a big difference between the first four examples and the last - namely that bar the last, all were attempted by military means and all failed, eventually, at a great cost of human suffering and loss of blood. The last is being attempted through 'democratic' means by the subversion of the political elite of the nation states within the continent of Europe.The end result of these 'Empires' has been due to one basic reason, a reason that is best encapsulated by a quotation that I have previously used:
"The people should know when they're conquered." (Quintus) : "Would you, Quintus, would I? (Maximus)"Gladiator
What has happened to our nation? It is perhaps pertinent, at this point, to repeat something that CallingEngland posted (when she was posting - dig, dig):
"I sometimes long for the simple days - you know the ones I mean, the days before tweeting and spin. Those were the days when Prime Minister's didn't need a cohort of special advisers and press secretaries between themselves and the public. They also didn't have so many 'independent advisory bodies' or quangos and fake charidees on whom to deflect blame. The politicial structure in this country stinks."
Who is to say that in discussions twixt our political elite and the heads of television stations that 'agreement'  has not been reached to provide the masses with 'pap' for their consumption? One can almost hear the 'suggestion': give the people 'tittle-tattle, it will divert their attention from subjects that we, the political elite, would rather they did not consider. Could not the sudden emergence of Scottish devolution as a subject not be a 'ploy' to divert the peoples attention from 'matters euro' and away from the forthcoming meeting of the EU Heads of State? Could not the recent articles on the 'sexiness' of Caroline Flint and Louise Mensch not be part of the same ploy to divert the peoples attention? Conspiracy theory? Was it not Goebbels who reportedly maintained that the press is but a great keyboard that government can play?

We are undoubtedly being led and 'managed' by our political elite - there can be no misconceptions about that, being plain to all who still have a brain. The burning question is - and one that only they can answer - do the people still have a brain?

Having quoted Goebbels, I can only quote Himmler to explain the method by which we are presently governed, namely:
"The best political weapon is the weapon of terror. Cruelty commands respect. Men may hate us. But, we don't ask for their love; only for their fear."
It can but be hoped that, on the occasion when next the political elite are compelled to return to the people for 'permission' to continue their rule by fear, that the British electorate will tell them to take the proverbial walk of a short pier.

Can't see it happening - but one can live in hope..............


john in cheshire said...

It is my intention to have my nephew read Winston Churchill's History of the English Speaking Peoples. I enjoyed it first time around and expect to do so this time. And it gives an honest description of who we are and how we got to the beginning of the C20th. Hopefully this will help him to understand better how the second world war came about and our involvement.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: Wise decision if I may say so.....