Sunday, 29 January 2012

Can we discuss priorities?

It would seem the media, blogosphere and twitter are consumed by subjects that, when all is said and one, appear low on a ladder of importance.

It would appear that we are consumed with the relative opinion poll standings of three political parties when an election is not scheduled for another 3+ years; whether a certain banker should, or should not, receive a bonus; whether Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper are 'undermining' MilibandE; what MilibandD earns; whether there is NHS care at weekends; whether there should be public funding for political parties; whether Jeremy Hunt's 'business interests' are legit or not and present a conflict of interest; whether Cameron's poll ratings are better than MilibandE's; whether Clegg is, or is not, 'on-board' where the Coalition is concerned; whether there should be more women members of the cabinet; and whether Theresa May is, or is not, a fashion icon.

Is the foregoing really all the MSM can find to speculate about? Do they, who are supposed to bring 'news' to their readership/viewers, not have a duty to 'question' the motives and policies that our politicians pursue, while pointing out discrepancies and alternatives? How else are the people to be made aware of what is obviously an 'Armageddon' situation into which they are being led, both politically and economically?

People, there is no point in complaining about the state of our nation; about 'unacceptable' levels of immigration; about our society being changed beyond all recognition; about the decimation of our armed forces; about the failures in our health and education services, about the deficits/failures where law and order are concerned; about the venality of our political class, until you get off your butts and physically do something about it. It is utterly pointless, besides being a waste of your time and effort, complaining about such matters until a decision is made that it is necessary to change the cause of all these problems, namely those that inhabit Westminister, the bureaucracy and the media.

As I posted only yesterday, when you, the people - who act like sheep - are corralled to the extent that you have no personal liberties remaining; when your nation is no more than a region of an EU/World government; when that which you read and hear is controlled by politicians and bureaucrats; when your every thought, word and deed is no longer yours to choose, I will guarantee the loudest voices of complaint will be yours - at which point I would have to request you go look in a mirror and ask whose fault is the situation in which you find yourselves?

Just saying..............


Anonymous said...

What we read and hear is already controlled......and government is just another organisation that is controlled.
Now, where in the national/international press do I read this:

TomTom said...

Journalists are simply hirelings and so politically affiliated from University days that their views are worthless. Drink is their only companion if drugs are unavailable.

The Media is a joke and the Blogs are addressing the key groups but lack real bite, that is largely English Libel Laws.

The mass of people will never be more than followers and that is historical fact. It is Plato's Law of Revolutions that so long as the Ruling Class is undivided it cannot fall, and we know that the politicians all club together, joined the same Clubs at Oxford, slept with each other, and are wined and dined by journalists - that "scoops" are really leaks fed by politicians seeking a good press - like Clare Short.

Osborne is nothing more than slimline Gordon Brown, all politics and no Economics, and Cameron and Clegg are simply holograms for City interests.

One thing about modern politics however - it is terrified of physical violence, it is essentially feminine not masculine and that is why it presents androgenous vacuities as politicians because (mistakenly) it thinks it markets well to female voters

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting that the political assault on the "free" internet is starting.
In the US the SOPA and PIPA acts have been stalled by protest, but will appear soon under another guise, slid-in on-the-sly.
In the EU we have ACTA , the Anti Counterfeiting Theft Agreement, which few doubt will be used to suppress things such as anti-global warming propaganda.

PeterCharles said...

I am sure that if almost any of the respondents here had 'the golden vote' that would decide elections the mainstream parties would, like the MF Global $1.2 billion, simply vaporise.

I suppose that it is also highly remiss of us that we are not, as far as I know, violent agitators tearing at the walls surrounding the political elite, or busying ourselves infiltrating the existing parties to wreck them from within.

That said, at the end of the day, we are at the mercy of the unthinking class, that 10% which can't be bothered to vote, the 25% that will vote Conservative the 25% that will vote Labour, the 12% that will vote Lib-Dim (although that has probably fallen to 5% now) come what may and the 20% that simply sees no point in voting. This leaves the residual 8% of thinking people whose votes actually decide the outcome of elections.

Many will see this as a counsel of despair, rather I see it simply as the current reality which will continue until the unthinking class either gets very angry, very frightened or both, those 'interesting times' of the Chinese curse. What the eventual outcome will be is not known, but it is unlikely to be nice.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: Yup, we know.......

TT: What I have been saying for yonks now, although not so eloquently.

Anon: Agreed.

PC: As ever you are 100% right!