Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Benedict Brogan - Sycophant!

It is said that anyone will swallow their pride and principles to "earn a buck" - and one only has to look at our political class and journalists to witness that is true (in respect of the latter, Benedict Brogan). In his customary 'op-ed' piece in tomorrow's Daily Telegraph, Brogan headlines his article with: "David Cameron is drawing his battle lines firmly in the centre ground.", beginning with the words: "It may infuriate his back benchers, but the PM is keeping his inner Tory suppressed".

First, David Cameron has no "inner Tory" - the man is a left of centre socialist! Brogan writes that the first duty of any party leader is to get his side into power and on that measure Cameron is impressively successful. Successful? Presented with an 'open goal', courtesy of probably the most incompetent Prime Minister this country has seen for yonks, Cameron put the ball in the net? Brogan continues that Cameron  has shown himself to be a natural at the business of governing, decisive when needed, calm, confident, able to delegate and communicate with ease. Decisive? How many 'U' turns has this man done?

"Consult any Conservative MP", continues Brogan. Now just why would we wish to consult any Conservative MP who is more interested in his/her career; who is more interested in conforming with their Whips' wishes in the hope of the personal advancement; who is no more than a paid mouthpiece? Why should we give Cameron, or his compliant MPs, another chance when all both are interested in is the present form of 'democratised dictatorship'? The remainder of Brogan's article is no more than his usual 'Big-up Cameron meme' - which forces me to ask where is the prime source of his income, the Daily Telegraph, or the Conservative Party?

It is understandable that, where Brogan is concerned, one cannot blame him for pursuing a course of career that has been shown to be a 'money-spinner' - namely creating a false scenario, after all is that not which politicians do?

Brogan, your name has 'gone on the list' - and that, unlike a knighthood for services to journalism, is not something you really, really want!


Anonymous said...

He writes ***** does the DT's Ben, a real Barclays patsy and urgghhh sickly it is too but Ben can't help it - it's his job to praise and luv Dave.
I was going to comment on Brogan's piece but settled for chastising Lulu Gray.
WfW, you really should know better, or maybe stop reading the DT, I did, now I just snipe, it was a fine newspaper BUT: now it is nigh on as bad as the graun'.

someday said...

Scameron and Pals are communitarians.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: I know I should - but they do have a good crossword........

s: Agreed.