Monday, 9 January 2012


With the news that Nick Clegg believes that the UK should sign up to the European Union treaty that David Cameron vetoed last December (he didn't as there wasn't one), it brings to mind the Foreward (which both Clegg and Cameron signed) of the Coalition's document "Our programme for government", from which:
"We share a conviction that the days of big government are over; that centralisation and top-down control have proved a failure.We believe that the time has come to disperse power more widely in Britain today; to recognise that we will only make progress if we help people to come together to make life better. In short, it is our ambition to distribute power and opportunity to people rather than hoarding authority within government. That way, we can build the free, fair and responsible society we want to see."
So we have someone who believes the days of big government are over; that centralisation and top-down control have proved a failure; who believes that the time has come to disperse power more widely in Britain; who believes that it is better to provide the opportunity to realise ambition rather than hoarding authority within government, is at the same time proposing that we should opt to further integrate ourselves into a centralised form of government. Note that he writes that we (the political class) can built the free, fair and responsible society we (the political class) wants to see. And what about the free, fair and responsible society that we (the people) want to see?

Have you ever noticed that time and time again the leaders of the Lib/Lab/Con tell us (through election manifestos and 'announcements') what 'they want' to do? When have they actually asked us, the people, what we want to do? Exactly where is the 'democracy' in that approach? Is that not but one example of what I have termed 'democratised dictatorship'? For too long all political parties (yes, including Ukip) have told us how we should behave, what 'they' will allow us to do, what they will 'grant' us. Is it not about time that that situation should change?

It is to allow that 'change' that talkconstitution has been set up - to allow people to decide how they wish to be 'governed'; to promote discussion on another form of democracy which places them, the people, in control; that demotes politicians to the position of being mere 'managers' of policies that the people want or will allow politicians to implement, both nationally and locally.

If you are one who is completely frustrated with our political system, frustrated with the  nadir to which the state of our nation has descended; who believes that 'people power' is important, then get yourselves over there - register and get involved!

Just saying...........


Ian Hills said...

Localism means the building of windmills where the locals don't want them.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

IH: Amongst other things......

Anonymous said...

"We share a conviction that the days of "BRITISH" government are over…"

There WfW... fixed that for you!

BTW: I spent about four hours with NF last Friday, over half an hour with just me, the wiff and another bloke. I really think that you have got him wrong, his heart is definitely in the right place, he has just got into the Northian bubble concept (In his case, the Brussels Bubble).

As for my promise to talk to him about developing DD, I had a really bad problem… I had just spent the previous 24 hours on morphine and being scared sh*tless by a bunch of very scary, very tribal African nurses at my local hospital, and when I went to the party I had been "free" for just over an hour… Very frazzled.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

r_w: If NF has succumbed to the 'Brusses Bubble' then he is, indeed, 'lost'!

Agree he talks a lot of sense but feel the sense he talks is misdirected.

So much so and coupled with their 'lack of performance', that I have not renewed my membership!