Sunday, 15 January 2012

Meanwhile, in other news .....

Laura Donnelly, The Sunday Telegraph, writes that plastic surgery 'cowboys are to come under the scrutiny of an influential committee of MPs. Meanwhile, in other news, it has been reported (not by the MSM, needless to say) that the 'cowboys/cowgirls' in the politics industry are to be investigated by a group of ordinary people as a result of the growing dissatisfaction with matters political and the behaviour of those in their industry.

As the committee of MPs will be looking at the sales tactics and safety record of the industry and whether lax regulation has allowed a 'cowboy' market among British clinics; so will be looking at the tactics and record of the politics industry and whether lax regulation has allowed 'cowboy/cowgirl MPs'.

Just as Danni Star believes that she feels totally fobbed off; that she feels so angry that companies can make loadsa money from breast implants; that when there is a problem she believes there is no help available; so talkconstitution believes we are being fobbed off; that MPs are making loadsa money at our expense and that when there is a problem - one caused by their inappropriate decisions - there is no help available.

Just as Dr. Daniel Poulter, a practising doctor and Conservative MP, believes that an industry has grown at a great pace over the past 10 years; that the breast implants scandal has helped shine a light on wider issues about the way the cosmetic surgery industry works, so talkconstitution believes that the political industry has grown at great pace and that the expenses scandal and the discussion over devolution for Scotland has helped to shine a light on our politicians and our system of democracy.

Just as the committee of MPs will examine the skills and qualifications of those carrying out surgery, so will talkconstitution examine the skills and qualifications required of those who aim to become politicians; how few politicians are required; their working practices and the areas of responsibility that will be delegated to them.

Politicians, Bureaucrats, Quangocrats - you are being 'investigated', not just by talkconstitution but also by JudasClass.

Update: On the breast implant business Richard North, EU Referendum, has just posted that there is indeed an 'elephant in the clinic' factor in the subject.

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