Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Not so much with a bang, more like a simper.....

David Cameron's 'European Council statement' in the Commons this afternoon most definitely did not produce any outright rebellion from the so-called 'eurosceptics' as had been promised and one has to ask what happened to all the planning that was supposed to have been held in Edward Leigh's office last night?

Where were the 'searching and/or unanswerable' questions, ones to put Cameron 'on the spot'? For example, how can any action taken by those who have signed up to 'the treaty that is not a treaty so I couldn't have actually vetoed it in the first place' not encroach on the single market? All questions were couched in 'parliament-speak', a language which unless an MP is a wordsmith of great standing, as was Enoch Powell, ensures that any hint of sarcasm or ridicule is nullified. Even he who is held to be the greatest eurosceptic of them all, Bill Cash, missed the opportunity with what may be termed an extremely 'Cameron-friendly' question which was easily 'swatted away'.

It had been my intention to write further on this 'treaty that is not a treaty so I couldn't have actually vetoed it in the first place' but, as I write, I see that Richard North, EU Referendum, has beaten me to it. It is worth repeating the point Richard North makes; namely that Cameron still maintains the untruth he  vetoed a treaty when his own government spokesman has admitted that there was no treaty on the table. Note also that not one of the 'supposed' eurosceptics, those who were reportedly going to cause trouble, raised this point - not one and if they did it must have been when I turned the sound down on my laptop to answer a telephone call! Richard North writes that Cameron is guilty of misleading the House - but ever one to call a spade a spade, I would aver Cameron lied to the House. Unfortunately, in the HoC, one cannot utter the word 'lie'; which is probably due to the belief, one held among themselves needless to add, that politicians never lie - they just don't tell the truth!

Now watch the MSM swallow 'Cameron-speak' hook, line and sinker!

Afterthought: I see that David Cameron has stated that the decision to strip Fred the Shred of his knighthood was the right decision - if only we had the capability of stripping David Cameron of his position of Prime Minister - come to that, if only we had the capability of stripping the majority of MPs of their position........ The decision by Cameron (and he had a hand in it)  is 'democratised dictatorship' - the decision by us would just be 'democracy'........

Afterthought (2): Of course the news released now about Goodwin would not be a ploy to divert the public's attention from matters EU, would it?????


Dick Puddlecote said...

For bringing the Conservative Party into disrepute, perhaps. ;)

TomTom said...

Labour has given 23 bankers honours, brought three into the Government as ministers and involved 37 in commissions and advisory bodies.

No doubt Cameron can surpass this target

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DP: Agreed.

TT: That is not in doubt!