Friday, 13 January 2012

Equality? Really?

Richard North, EU Referendum, posts on the fact that both the Navy and RAF are among the top 100 gay employers. The Daily Telegraph reports that Our Dear Leader, Dav il Cam, remains very committed to the progress of getting more women standing for Parliament, getting more women elected to Parliament and when in Parliament, making sure that we have more women on the front bench. One wonders how long it will be before he proposes ratios for LGB people.

Anyone compiling a list of the top 100 'hetero' employers? Does anyone in the political world believe that regardless of gender and sexual persuasion, it should be the most competent that get elected to Parliament and progress to the front bench? Do our political elite not have far more serious considerations than sexual equality to tax their minds? Still it is probably understandable that mundane matters such as the above occupy their minds as most of everything has been ceded to their fellow idiots in Bruxelles

Just asking..........


Anonymous said...

I dont imagine for one minute that our foes are in the least bit worried about adhering to politicaly correct agendas or quotas for gays and women in their fighting forces.

Our enemies will be comprised of absurdly fit young men who dont give a tinkers cuss about our rights, Geneva conventions or diversity criteria.

Never mind next time some nasty foreign country gets the hump with us at least we can threaten them with a Top 100 gay employer! Jesus wept!!

Ian Hills said...

I saw this coming when now-retired General Mike Jackson said he was thinking of having "cosmetic surgery". I thought it was a strategy to get more trannies into the services, but so far he hasn't had breast implants. Pity really, because if he had the Taliban would be absolutely killing themselves.

TomTom said...

You must recall that Stonewall run by the grandson of Dame Edith Summerskill and son of Shirley Summerskill (Labour Aristocracy) is a key Adviser to Cameron-Clegg as he was to Blair-Brown.

You should wonder how much public money is channelled to this gay lobby group to help enforce Section 149 of the Equality Act, passed by Theresa May.

Stonewall currently work with over 400 public sector partners supporting them to take active steps to ensure the services they provide are fair for all, focused on practical outcomes that make a difference. You can find more details about our works with employers and education authorities through the links below:

By 6 April 2012 all public bodies have to publish equality objectives which set out how they will tackle inequalities amongst staff and students. They must be specific and measurable. All public bodies will also have to publish data annually on how they are meeting their responsibilities under the Act. Schools have to first do this by 6 April 2012, however all other public bodies will have to do this by 31 January 2012

The British Army requires all soldiers to undergo Equality and Diversity training as part of their Military Annual Training Tests and stress tolerance,[8] specifically citing homosexual examples in training videos, in line with the British Army Core Values and Standards, including 'Respect for Others' and 'Appropriate Behaviour'.[9] It considers its core values and standards as central to being a professional soldier.

COuncil Funding

Royal Navy
Oxford City Council
House of Commons
Lloyds Banking Group
Royal Bank of Scotland Group
The Insolvency Service
West Yorkshire Police

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: True, its enough to make one spit!

IH: Always wondered about him.....

TT: And their 'financial statement' on their website isnt very forthcoming either......