Monday, 30 January 2012

Ugly Food

The Daily Telegraph reports that Laura Sandys, MP for Thanet South has called for mis-shapen fruit and vegetables to be specially promoted and sold in supermarkets. She is quoted as saying that a culture change, when it comes to our food, is necessary as it is rising in price to the detriment of families and that a re-evaluation of everything we grow is required.

Bearing in mind the culinary delights she no doubt samples when attending Westminster, it also seems Ms. Sandys is another of our MPs who believe that more government is the answer, which obviously compliments her belief that we need more EU integration.

On that basis perhaps it should be pointed out to Ms. Sandys that, more importantly, what is needed is a culture change when it comes to our politicians who, to the detriment of the people, are costing us more and that yes, most definitely a re-evaluation of those we elect, before we elect them, is also required as part of the process.

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