Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Another aspect of direct democracy......

....because the principle of direct democracy does not operate at just the political level.

We have heard much of late from Dav il Cam and Ed il Mil - and to a lesser extent from Nick il Eggonmyface - about fairness and how the remuneration of company bosses needs to be regulated.

From Dominic Lawson, writing in the Independent, comes the following - and in my view - pertinent question
"Besides, what business is it of politicians to decide what should be the wage structure within individual private companies?"
Exactly! What business is it of politicians to intrude and interfere on such matters? Is the remuneration of anyone in a private company not the concern of that company's shareholders - those that invest in that company? If that principle of 'interfere/intrude' is taken further then should not we, the people, have the right to dictate the remuneration of those involved in an organisation known as government, in effect have the right to interfere/intrude into the remuneration of employees in a 'company' in which we are 'shareholders'?

What we have here is another example of 'democratised dictatorship, whereby politicians believe they have the right to dictate to company's shareholders, whilst denying that right to their own shareholders?

Just asking..........


Anonymous said...

You seem to have missed the fact that our governments now like to control / run everything we poor citizens do in our lives and this includes how much we can earn. Then they take a huge chunk of it away and, if we are really lucky, we get a tiny bit back to spend on ourselves. This is communism.

TomTom said...

The Companies Acts do have Parliament regulating private companies.....just a pity the Authorities do not enforce these Acts and put violators on trial.