Sunday, 15 January 2012

Bite the bullet, politicians

John Curtice, the Independent, writes on the option of 'devo-max' where the Scotland is concerned:
"The cause of the controversy is "devolution max" – the idea that Scotland should become responsible for nearly all her own domestic affairs, but still be part of the UK, with defence and foreign affairs remaining the responsibility of Westminster. Such a step would represent a huge change to the current devolution settlement, with important ramifications for the rest of the UK. But it would keep the Union together – and the UK's nuclear weapons in the Clyde."
Were 'devo-max' to be granted it would have important consequences for the United Kingdom as it would not be long before Wales and Northern Ireland were clamouring for similar treatment. It is not illogical to believe that Cameron and the rest of the political elite will not agree to this for one reason; namely because it would dilute quite considerably their hold on power and also inflict a massive dent to their self-importance.

The question of Scotland's wish for a referendum seems to me to be a perfect opportunity for a discussion to be held about the current system of democracy. Needless to say, were such a discussion to be held it would be one between the political parties which we can rest assured will not feature any consultation with the people.

More democratised dictatorship...............


TomTom said...

There would need to be a separate referendum in The Orkneys which might not want Scotland; and if there were a Highland/Lowland voting split it could be unfortunate and Edward I might need to return to restore unanimity among the warring nabobs

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Lol!

Anonymous said...

Aren't these questions all a tad theoretical WfW…

We are all in the one (highly nationalistic) union now…

I suppose there will be lots of jobs for meritocratic types though, better to administer (even badly) than make anything.

The only benefit that I can see from Scottish independence is to get a load waspish men in dresses off of our backs, even if they do continue to keep their hands in our pockets.

vernony said...


There is much spoken of Scots democracy and the Devo Max solution, which misses the point. Surely the English should also have a vote if the Scots want Devo Max from the English point of view of do we want it too ?
Quite frankly I believe England would be much better off without the whingeing little country to the North which wishes to pick and choose what benefits it will take from the agreement .

Lastly let me lay a few skeletons to rest too. The Shetlands and the Orkneys never were a part of Scotland until the 15th century they were annexed !
Since a majority of North Sea oil falls in the Shetland basin, should not the Shetlands for the same greedy reasons as the Scots declare that they do not wish to share their oil with Alex Salmond.

Finally scratch a Scotsman and they will lax lyrical about Baird inventing television and Fleming penicillin . To the first nonsense it was a failed experiment, failed experiments cannot be equated with success, they are just interesting facts. To say Baird invented television is akin to saying Rutherford, who was the first to split the atom, built nuclear power stations !

Fleming, not a Scot's name I fear, did discover pencillin that's true, but permitted the Americans to develop it and we were left to pay them for it !

WitteringsfromWitney said...

r_w: Why so?

v: You have to look at this Scottish problem from the angle of direct democracy - doing that there is no problem for either Scotland or England.