Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Questions for Ukip?

An article has appeared in the Mail today in which Paul Nuttall castigates the EU for 'brainwashing children in our schools', the article referring to an 'Education Show' held in Birmingham. 'Googling' 'education show birmingham' brings forth an announcement by the European Union of an event that took place on 4th and 5th of March 2010. Later, on the 11th November a related event took place at the RAF Museum, Cosford in November 2010. That this matter was raised on this blog 4 days ago and now appears in the Mail may be just a coincidence, however it has to be asked why the time-delay on the part of Ukip in raising this subject and referring to the event? 

The excuse that a direct link could not be proved does not hold water as would not a political party like Ukip keep track of such events and send an observer along? The Ukip website has an entry on this subject here. Saying on the Ukip website that Paul Nuttal has demanded of Michael Gove is not the same as saying he has written to Michael Gove and once again questions have to be asked of those responsible for input into the Ukip website - so the question arises, has Nuttall demanded verbally (which can be ignored) or has he written (which requires a response) - big difference in message and of content - and importance.

Being unable to find reference to any later 'Education Show' or 'Conference' event on Google begs the accusation that like all politicians - and irrespective of party - rule number one is to never miss an opportunity to get your name and that of your party in print.

Just saying...........


Gawain Towler said...

Answers to witterer,
The simple truth is that,
1. The video of the Commission official only came to light on Monday. I have no idea how long it had been sitting n an obscure page on their website, but it was discovered by accident the day before yesterday whilst looking up the latest ludicrous publication.
2. Yes you did highlight the issue a few days ago, and we have regularly, but until now they have batted off complaints and, despite the odd para here and there the press has not shown much interest. Now we had something concrete to offer.
3. A letter, drafted by a lawyer, was sent yesterday to both Gove, the Secretary of State, and Gibb, the Schools Minister. I understand that to suck an egg one has to address it just so.
4. I love the idea of UKIP with all the resources at its disposal, both financial and human being able to go to all the events such as the Education show. Just not possible.
5. It was felt to be a good enough story that though an Express exclusive, the Mail nicked it.

Hope that helps.

Gawain Towler said...

Just saying....

WitteringsfromWitney said...

GT: First, love the second comment - touche!

Second and seriously:

1. Accepted

2. So why not make the point that Ukip have highlighted the fact, post it on the website and make some 'play' of the fact? NF has the ear of the press, so why not use him to highlight the 'deficit' in MSM reporting?

3. So why the difference in the reports in the Mail and the Ukip website?

4. So does Ukip keep track of events or not? And if it does, it was not possible to get someone local to attend?

5. Accepted.

The questions I pose GT come down to 'management' and 'administration', do they not?