Friday, 20 January 2012

Lets cut out the middle man, eh Dougas?

Douglas Carswell posts on his blog about his appearance before the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee on the subject of the 'Recall Bill' and the abomination that that has become. He writes:
"If the people control Parliament, Parliament might start to control the government."
Carswell is always telling us he believes in direct democracy, so why does he not publicly advocate that and show that we can cut out the middle man as direct democracy - with a bit of 'referism' - allows the people to directly control the government?

That the political system is rotten is a subject I posted on just yesterday and it is further evidenced by a post on the Coffee House by Peter Hoskin on the subject of the possible 'enforced' departure of Huhne and his being replaced by David Laws - from which:
"......and there are certainly people in the coalition, Tories and Lib Dems, who are eager to see him return. They reckon he's done his penance for those expenses sins by now."
It is no surprise that Laws is being welcomed back into the fold - do thieves and blackguards not stick together?

Just saying..........


john in cheshire said...

How long was John Profumo in the wilderness?
I think Mr Laws has a few more decades to go before he should expect rehabilitation. But we no longer live in an honourable country.

TomTom said...

What a sound name for a thieving Minister "Laws" !

BTW John in Cheshire....Profumo STOLE nothing, he misled the House of Commons which was once considered sinful and is now de rigeur.....he was however a man of principle and earned great respect thereafter

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: As TT says comparisons with Profumo are invalid. Laws was an out and out thief and yet is considered suitable to remain an MP.

If I had my way NO MP would serve out his/her term and would not be allowed to stand again.

TT: Well pointed out!