Monday, 2 January 2012

As the man said (paraphrasing).......

........the unachievable in pursuit of the unobtainable!


Ian Hills said...

Christ the LibDems really are getting desperate. Posing as eurosceptics! They'll be pretending to be straight next.

Anonymous said...

The west country is very Eurosceptic and, curiously is also what passes for a LibDem stronghold these days. They must be getting fearful for their seats if the pro-EU LibDems of the west are prepared to challenge the Party Orthodoxy and the EU Stooge in Westminster, Clegg.

It's nice to note in the article that this rapprochement is being made by CONservative EU-sceptics who "are opposed to a Referendum"

Still determined that the British people will have no say in the future of their own country.

Anonymous said...

More lies and deception from the big three parties.

The Lib Dims are not proposing to drop a single line of their pro-EU policy. No all that is happening is that they are trying to find a form of words that can paper over the cracks between them and the EUstooges who masquerade as Conservatives.

Interestingly if the Lib Dim vote collapsed in the South West it would be the Conservatives who would benefit. Why are Conservatives so keen to put a brake on their own prospects and prop up their failing partners? It can only be that there is absolutely no difference between them.

Sadly the mainstream media will leap on this and attempt to portray the Lib Dims as an EU "realistic" party. The political stooges and media are all in the business of lying to the public about the EU. Mercifully the blogosphere has transformed the debate. The country is now overwhelmingly opposed to EU membership. We are so utterly fed up with their treacherous lies and posturing. Just one decent honest TV presenter could ask these Sh**s a few searching questions which would destroy the credibility of these people forever. The fact that they never do tells us all we need to know about the complicity of the media.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

IH: D:)

Anon (1) & (2): The stupidity of this looking to repatriate powers just aint going to happen and the press don't bother to point this out beggars belief. It is also debatable whether the Tories will pick up LibDem votes if the latter collapse - If Ukip get their act together they could make a killing in the south west.