Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Why we are in the state we are.....

So far, today has been one of those days when the wish to post has been  most noticeable by its absence, however in an attempt to possibly raise a smile amongst my readers I have been scouring quotations, both attributed and unattributed, which may provide reasons for the nadir to which this country appears to have sunk. (some quotations have been slightly modified)

Funny how it takes but weeks, even days, to throw billions at mismanaged banks and bankrupt countries - but its taken years, with no end in sight, to agree on matters vital to: the care of the elderly, fixing the NHS, providing a future fair for all, etc etc etc.

An American tourist attempted to pay for a purchase in US dollars but the London shopkeeper tried to explain that this was Britain and US dollars were not acceptable - to which the tourist replied that she hadn't had that problem in other third-world countries.

There may well be a reduction in stupid laws if politicians only were subjected to them for a trial period, with members of the public overseeing the effects.

The previous Labour government had intended to call the invasion of Iraq "Operation Iraqi Liberation" - just in time Blair spotted something wrong with the acronym.

Government is only good at one thing really - and that is to break your leg, hand you a crutch and then tell you that if it weren't for government, you wouldn't be able to walk.

History shows us what a great statesman is: a dead politician. Hence our country's need for more statesmen.

For years, at elections, politicians have talked to the country the way men generally talk to women, saying: "Trust me, go all the way with me and everything will be alright." What happened? Nine months later we're in trouble again......

It seems that our country holds the key to the energy crisis with shale gas. Folks, we've held the key for years now - all we needed to do was harness the rotational energy emanating from Orwell's grave.

With apologies to those who may already be acquainted with the above.


graham wood said...

WfW All excellent stuff - had not read any of these before. Hard to choose the best, but this one is IMHO is excellent, and raises other interesting possibilities:
"There may well be a reduction in stupid laws if politicians only were subjected to them for a trial period, with members of the public overseeing the effects.".

Vaguely related is the idea of seeing how long we can do without politician ALTOGETHER. Could we survice, for example, of a week without the H of C and the politicos all ranting away?
Oh perish the thought! How about a month then?.... and on we could go.
Have you noticed, how ONE SIDED political discussion is in the UK, as opposed to say, the USA? Rarely does the public get the opportunity to engage with our politicians in any in depth, sustained, and objective way about policies.
As the conversation with politicos is so limited and one sided, no wonder then that the real debates take place with enormous input, energy and well informed opinon on the Internet, and especially the political blogs. These just hum with all manner of lively, sometines ignorant, sometimes well informed and intelligent, political comment. (Trolls aside)

I have not done any research on this but I'd be surprised if there is much volume of political discussion on MPs blogs. Anyone know?-
Also, when will some bright spark set up the equivalent in the UK of Fox News with the massive scope and potential for real political debate, between politicians and/or leading political commentators?

Instead of which we are more or less confined to BBC Question Time (ha ha) or the Bear Pit with the santimonious cliches prefaced by:
"Does my right honourable friend agree with me? type of stuff.

Worse still is the "planted" H of C question from some dullard MP about whether the PM is aware of (some mind-numbing statistic) "in my constituency" Oh Yuk!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

gw: Thanks for your praise. I was suffering a mental block earlier when I posted that, written as I felt I owed it to my readership to post something.......

As you have noticed on a later post, the mental block did not last long........