Thursday, 10 November 2011

Frack Off!

Just a few days ago Chris Huhne had an article in the Daily Telegraph in which he mentioned shale gas and, in effect, ruled out any plans for development into this source of energy.

Courtesy of The Grumpologist come news from France 24 of events in this area that are taking place in France.

Both items of news demonstrate that 'democratised dictatorship' lives - possibly as a result of 'vested interests'?

Just asking..........


Anonymous said...

The Frogs, zut alors! Banning fracking FFS, will they try it on here I wonder?
Very worrying development, Anti-Carbon-EU heavies rool OK.

What happened to the free market???

cosmic said...


The Frogs have great hopes for their nuclear power industry and they have cheap electricity which they export.

I see this as an attempt on their part to poison the well as far as shale gas goes.

A secure supply of cheap gas appearing out of nowhere would cause a splash which would sink a few boats which are presently going along very nicely with a lot of government help, such as the wind industry.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon & c: Which is exactly what I meant by the phrase 'vested interests' and included in that is political pride, whereby they cannot and will not admit they got it wrong!