Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Here we go again - Smokin'

The question of a ban to make it illegal to smoke in one's car has reared its head again with the latest demand by the British Medical Association - and one which is but a repeat of that made last March by a letter which appeared in the Times signed by 20 'senior doctors'. I can but refer readers to my post of 24th March 2010 and the comments about passive smoking.

Michael White has an article on the Guardian website and this doyen of British journalism - aka the cut 'n paste industry - blithely writes that: "It's not a case in which the medical facts are open to much dispute any longer. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for one's health and bad for those close to a smoker whose smoke they may inhale". With a view to increasing White's education perhaps he would do well to refer to this post from Raedwald, following the link contained therein, coupled with the extract from Booker and North's book 'Scared to Death' (pages 269-270) quoted in my post mentioned above.

A car is an extension of one's home, namely a private place in which it should be possible to smoke or not. If this ban were to be enacted - leaving aside the question of how it could be policed - then how much longer would it be before these health zealots demanded and received a ban covering one's home? I may be mistaken but I do not recall such a proposal being included in any political party manifesto last year, which leads me back to the argument that our present system of democracy allows for dictatorial decisions without any consultation of the people affected by said decisions.

Update: On the point the BMA makes about 'toxin levels being 23 times higher than in a smoky bar', yet another article pours scorn on this claim, one that appears to have been 'doctored' somewhat.


The Apiarist said...

" . . toxin levels being 23 times higher than in a smoky bar"

How do they know? They've made smoky bars illegal so there don't exist anymore.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TA: Exactly, which is basically the point that Factcheck made.

The just pluck these figures out of the smoke, methinks......