Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Priorities (2)

Richard North, EU Referendum, posts on what he correctly calls a 'pigs-ear' policy concerning our aircraft carriers (and the lack of, presently). The latest Public Accounts Committee report on this subject can be read here.

This news comes shortly after the announcement that this country is to provide £1billion of aid to Africa and the well known fact that the Accountability Report produced by this year's summit hosts Canada shows that in 2009, the UK devoted 0.52% of its GDP to aid - 11.5 billion US dollars (£7.75 billion) - with the total projected to rise to 0.6% this year. We also know that it is Cameron's avowed intention that overseas aid will be increased to 0.7% of GDP by 2013.

Coupled with that, we have the ongoing problems involved with the care of our elderly illlustrated by a recent report of a lack of care in hospitals and care homes. We also read that councils are diverting money provided by central government grants for elderly care, to 'plug' holes in other programmes.

Presently politicians extract money from taxpayers and spend it as they see fit, presumably where foreign aid is concerned to make themselves feel good and look good on the international stage. The fact that their decisions can leave this nation with a military defence deficit; that their decisions mean money is not being spent on care of the elderly and their quality of life; presumably means nothing to the political class.

Of course, were we to have direct democracy with a touch of "Referism", how politcians spent our money would depend on their obtaining our agreement beforhand.

Just saying................

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