Tuesday, 29 November 2011

So true - at both levels.......

Pat Condell has a 'youtube' on the subject of membership of the European Union (H/T: Muffled Vociferation), his comments having resonance not just to the EU but also to our own 'representative democracy'. Much as I believe this man 'talks sense', on this occasion he appears to have ignored what might be called the 'elephant in the room' when he states that our democracy is far from perfect and that, from what he has observed, it is the only form of government that can be trusted with our freedom.

Discussing the fact that our politicians ignore the wishes of the people, where membership of the European Union is concerned, Condell states:
"They fully expect the people to go through the motions, as usual, at the next general election and vote them straight back in."
"When you decry people a voice and disconnect them from the governing process you close a safety valve and unless it is opened again you have guaranteed that sooner or later there will be an explosion."
When I write that Condell has ignored the 'elephant in the room', I refer to the fact that he appears to accept that representative democracy is the only acceptable variation of democracy - when, of course, there is a better way.

It does, indeed, not get any more fundamental than the right to decide how and by whom we are governed and that without that right we might as well have no rights at all. This statement is applicable not only to national level, but also to local level.

One day, when the people are made aware and thus realise that 'there is a better way' and accept that fact, there will I believe - as Condell prophesies - be an explosion.

Anyway, for those who would like to view this video:


Sue said...

Pat Condell appeals to the populous. It's no good giving them political theory lessons in direct democracy. At the moment, that's just for us political enthusiasts to debate and speculate on. It's way too involved for the ordinary guy on the street, he's only interested in how far his wages will go.

"The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions.
In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed." ADOLF HITLER

The EU knew how to construct their empire, they had a good teacher.

Small steps David, we have to get out of the EU first.

Anonymous said...

Yes, as usual, Pat Condell is correct. The EU and its commissars are profoundly undemocratic, and our political 'masters' here in the UK are criminally negligent of our freedoms (not that we have many left).
However, Pat Condell's pieces, delightfully hard-hitting as they are, would be sympathetically regarded by more people if he left religion out of it. Very many are religious, and Pat Condell does his cause no good by insisting on advertising his atheism every time. Keeping his lack of religious belief out of these video would strengthen his message - and we do so much need someone like him to shout from the rooftops

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: Actually any emphasis on religion does not bother me - what bothers me is that he appears to accept our present system of democracy as a 'given'.