Sunday, 6 November 2011

Political claptrap

Today seems most noticeable for statements being made that undermine the over-all argument being put forward either by an evident lack of knowledge about that which is written, or a statement that has been made without apparent forethought for the contradiction that is contained therein.

John Redwood, writing about the euro 'devouring governments' and that democracy relies on the consent of the governed, proceeds to then state:
"If they do not allow sensible democratic opposition and proper consultation of the people affected by their one size fits all policy, people will find other ways of dissenting."
to which the question has to be put to John Redwood: Is that not the level of democracy we presently have in the UK, one whereby a majority of 650 people decide a 'one size fits all policy' and then imposes that on the population? Is not the use of referenda the only true and proper 'consultation process' of seeking the people's views? It is no wonder that our politicians today, both national and local, are such advocates for 'representative democracy' as it allows them to represent their own views regardless of those of their electorates.

We then have Ed Miliband, writing in the Observer, stating that:
"There is a crisis of concern for millions of people about the biggest issue of our time: the gap between their values and the way our country is run...........many of those who earn the most, exercise great power, enjoy enormous privilege – in the City and elsewhere – do so with values that are out of kilter with almost everyone else."
to which one can only say that it is about time he - and other politicians - acknowledged the fact that when complaining about the gap between 'values', the biggest gap is between the people and politicians. Accepting Miliband does insert the words 'and elsewhere', he fails to accept that 'the biggest gap' cannot be resolved whilst politicians, those who are supposed to set an example, continue to exercise great power - power they should not possess - and enjoy enormous privilege.

Richard North, EU Referendum, correctly puts Frederick Forsyth 'back in his box' for misleading the readers of the Express. For those who wish to understand why Cameron's faux intention to repatriate powers can never happen should read the link (9th paragraph) Richard provides to a previous article. While I dare to disagree with Richard in his assertion that the EU is not a problem in that it results in foreign domination by our membership, I most heartily agree with him that the problem is our own Parliament and those who inhabit it, consequently sort that out and the EU problem is then resolved. Which rather neatly leads me back to my desire to change our system of democracy to one of a participatory nature.

That David Cameron is guilty of political claptrap is nicely illustrated with a coruscating article on that man by pixijade, Off With Your Head, who ends thus:
"Maybe the lacklustre performance is due to Cameron’s own faults; David Cameron edited the Big Issue in the summer he spoke of  his youth and how he “didn’t always put the effort in” and “just went through the motions, drifting along“. Some things never change, eh".
Finally, an afterthought and one that is 'off topic'. November 5th was originally celebrated as a victory over a heinous crime, one intended to restore a Catholic Monarch to the throne. I wonder how many 'celebrating' last night realised that Cameron has completed Fawkes' work without suffering any 'scaffolding effect'?


TomTom said...

he “didn’t always put [HAVE TO] put the effort in”

is a more accurate statement from a languid, lethargic, rich kid sucking his silver spoon and caressing his blubber

PeterCharles said...

It is Sunday, WfW, what is the day for if not political claptrap, pompous prats telling everyone else how they should live and where everyone else has gone wrong?

The MSM has degenerated into little more than adult comics mon to sat while the Sundays are there to raise the intellectual tone and 'inform' us about 'important' things, and exhorting us all to mend our ways, pontificating from the various secular pulpits.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: :)

PC: Then I propose another day is added to the week, one in which no outpourings from politicians nor MSM is allowed - Bliss?