Tuesday, 15 November 2011


As we all know David Cameron made a speech at the Lord Mayor's Banquet last night, one entitled ‘Foreign Policy in the National Interest’- the text of which can be found here. A number of bloggers have passed comment on this speech amongst whom are Richard North, Fausty, The Purple Scorpion and Quiet Man.

There was nothing of substance in Cameron's speech and it is noticeable that the word repatriation of powers appears to have been dropped (as we were informed by Bruno Waterfield) and now the buzz word appears to be 'reform'. There was not one word of any plan for 'reform' - or repatriation - nor any hint of a timescale. Not one word on how differences in the Coalition would be dealt with, neither was there any word on what stance he would take if the cries for 'more Europe, not less' persisted. For someone who told his party not to become obsessed with 'Europe' but now finds himself having to deal with 'Europe', almost on a daily basis, the irony is delightful to behold.

Cameron, like others, continues to use false statistics and arguments in his zeal to remain a member of the EU - witness he repeats 50% of our trade is with the EU; intimating that leaving the EU would make us poorer and subject to rules about which we had no input, citing Norway as an example; letting the public believe that he can bring about change all by himself, whilst ignoring that any change requires the agreement of the other 26 member states. Once again we are told it is his belief that we are better off inside the EU - since when was this man granted what amounts to dictatorial powers to make that decision without asking those he is meant to serve and who fund his salary?

Cameron is delusional although extremely clever and evidence of this is his stated promise that he will do everything possible to reform the EU - do note the caveat 'everything possible'. He can talk to the EU until he is blue in the face and come away with nothing but will then be able to present himself to the British public whilst wringing his hands and telling us that he tried. Not that Cameron is the only delusional political leader as so are Miliband E and Clegg - and it would not surprise me, come the next parliament and whichever one of these clowns is 'in power', that with the continuing march to ever closer union we will be told it is in our interests to join the euro - assuming of course that the EU zealots in Brussels have managed to keep that currency afloat.


TomTom said...

I admire you for the way you give so much rope to your local MP, but he does insist on hanging himself at every opportunity. At some stage you will have to simply leave him to asphyxiate

microdave said...

"Assuming of course that the EU zealots in Brussels have managed to keep that currency afloat."

Fiat's don't float very well...

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: I cannot leave him alone until he actually does place said rope around his neck!

Anonymous said...

Cameron reminds me of the Indian batman in " It aint alf hot mum" He was oft heard to say " We British" at which point Sergeant Major Shut up Williams would give him a long withering look, and then shout at him

So now Dave is reduced to doing comedy " We eurosceptics" Ha ha ha........ Shut up.....closing music and credits.

Sean O'Hare said...


I think you are being overly pessimistic when you fret about the boy child or millipede taking us into the euro. The euro is a dead duck. Italian bond yields are back almost to where they where before the Merkozy transplant into Rome and it surely can't be long before a default. I wouldn't surprise me if Mario Monti realises the situation quickly and takes them out of the eurozone. That just supposes that he is Italian first and a Eurocrat second.

Sean O'Hare said...

where? I meant were. I really shouldn't comment when I come back from the pub.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we repatriated Dave, he obviously prefers the EU to Britain!

Cameron, he now regards himself as some sort of World Statesman, like Blair still sees himself [though no one else does].

Bang the drum for Europe he most certainly does! But, why isn't he championing British interests, trade and expertise?

I am fed up of Dave, why doesn't he just FFFFFFFFF.........Fade Away?

Woodsy42 said...

There is just so much wrong with what Cameron says it's impossible to know where to start. Is he delusional, stupid or a dangerous scheming traitor? Take your pick.

cosmic said...

To take inspiration from Blair, Cameron's an analogue politician in a digital world.

Now what's your position Dave? 0 or 1, IN or OUT? No more bollocks about how it's a hypothetical question and metastable states can exist, or how a sufficiently complex binary signal is not much different to analogue omitting the step of translation.

Neither option, may be personally agreeable, but it's part of being PM. much like joining the army might involve killing someone. You signed up for it, and more than that went out of your way to achieve it.

Now about IN or OUT? The clock's ticking. I'm not running the clock and I can't stop it. You can't clog it with bullshit.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: Cameron debases politics and his position with just about everything he does.

SO'H: I don't know - the EU elite will do everything they can to save the euro even if they bankrupt themselves in the process. Contrary to polular opinion I think the euro 'story' has plenty of legs left.

Anon (2): Because he can't really - anything that we do or produce is now done for the benefit of the EU as a whole - nation states are dead in Brussel's eyes.

W42: I gave up with Cameron yonks ago.....

c: Who cares any longer what Cameron thinks?